The GOP Hatches a Plan

The GOP Hatches a Plan by Bearman Cartoons

The GOP hatches a plan.  Yet it seems to continually backfire.  (With apologies to Dr Suess and Horton Hatches an Egg).   Last summer when Donald Trump was first running, the GOP figured he was a flash in the pan candidate who would fizzle out.  But they figured they could use his celebrity to their advantage and made him pledge that he would support whomever became the Republican nominee and wouldn’t seek a third party run.  Six months later, Trump is commanding the lead in the run to the nomination and Republicans are backtracking in droves.

One time candidate Marco Rubio stated “I still at this moment continue to intend to support the Republican nominee, but it’s getting harder every day.”

So will we end up with a brokered convention that could spell the end of the Republican Party as one entity?  Will two sub parties emerge?  So as the cartoon says, the GOP is holding to the pledge

“I meant what I said,
I said what I meant.
I’ll support Trump’s nomination
one hundred percent….
unless I destroy both of us in the process.”

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  1. lisleman says:

    I’ll amazed that Mr. T is in the first place position. I really thought he was doing it to just promote his brand. He apparently did promote his steaks and liquor brand at a rally. Yes it might be just too late for the Republicans to avoid the trainwreck.
    BTW – another grand mistake in Republican planning – this supreme court nomination. I’ve read and agree that this guy is their best shot. Given that the next President could be Hillary or Trump why do they think a better choice will selected after the election? Makes no sense to me.

    • I agree on the Supreme Court nominee. Republicans are putting all their eggs in a basket that
      a. they will win the presidency
      b. they will win the majority in congress

      both are tenuous the more they resist voting on the nominee.

  2. Dave says:

    I’ve been following Scott Adam’s blog (Dilbert) and he calls Trump the master persuader. He predicted back in August that Trump will not only win the Republican nomination but also the Presidency in a landslide.

    It’s weird to see all this coming true… so far.

    • I am doubting the landslide thing. There are Hillary haters on the left that would vote for Kasich but never Trump. There are Trump haters (and Cruz) on the right that would vote for Hillary over him.

  3. jynksie says:

    Trump has exposed ignorance and xenophobia in a large segment of the American population. He did it in an uncouth and volatile way that is freaking the GOP establishment out. The GOP establishment believes in what Trump is espousing [at its core], they just prefer to cover it up with fancy words and window dressing. The GOP is the party of WASP’s and if you’re not one, you’re not one of them!

    It’s not pretty. Time to build a wall around them all! [smirk]

  4. Bill Murphy says:

    When I herd Trump was running I thought…
    A years worth of watching debates with Trump is worth the risk of him becoming president for a minimum of 4 years. 😉

  5. Binky says:

    Horton would make a much better candidate.

  6. Bun Karyudo says:

    I hope the GOP destroys both of them in the process myself.

  7. Leave the hatching to the birds. I bet that Trump egg is a space craft. Like the one Mork arrived in.

  8. Mark Stokes says:

    Brilliantly imagined and executed, Bearman!

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