Lilly Pulitzer: Ugliness at Target

4-22-15-LIlly-Pulitzer-Target-Ugly-Bearman-CartoonsShopping at Target the other day got ugly as hoards of women vied for pattern print designs from Lilly Pulitzer.   Both online and in-store, the line which was expected to sell out in weeks, instead sold out in hours.  Face it, a brand that typically sells for $200 an item is going for $40 and it is no wonder there was a rush to the store.

Now I am not a fashionista (but my wife is and she agrees with me), but unless you are planning on spending time in Hawaii, in a beach town, or at the “club”, my opinion is this is not at all an attractive look.   Others tend to agree with my opinion saying things like:

  •  “Target stores across the country were mobbed with shoppers, not protesting the ugly patterns and nauseating colors that is the Lilly brand” (source)
  • “I’ve always had a sneaking fondness for Lilly Pulitzer’s clothes. Not to wear, mind you, because they are ugly as sin; I have never seen a woman wearing Lilly Pulitzer who would not have looked better in a ratty flannel bathrobe.” (source)
  • “The clothes are, upon close inspection, not so terribly attractive. Actually, they are rather unattractive. And that is part of their charm.” (source)

Don’t get me wrong, there are a few items I have seen that aren’t bad but as a whole I would return anything my wife bought from that brand (not that she would).  But if it were a choice between flowery Lilly Pulitzer and flowery quilty Vera Bradley, it would be Lilly all the way.


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  1. Cha says:

    nice post! I saw one article about it. Personally I don’t think it’s ugly but I understand what you mean.
    As long as it’s trendy or supposed to be expensive, some people would do anything to get … anything! lol

  2. Comedy Plus says:

    Shows what I know, I’ve not even heard of Lilly Pulitzer until today. Well, I’m old that’s why. I still wouldn’t mob a store for something this ugly. I’m guessing this is for the very young. If it isn’t then it should be.

    Have a fabulous day. 🙂

  3. Tony McGurk says:

    I actually think he likes the pajamas & think he’s pointing to her obviously fake boobs

  4. Bill Murphy says:

    The story of “The Emperor’s New Clothes” comes to mind.

  5. qka says:

    I would have totally missed this if it weren’t for you, Bearman. Thanks for nothing!

  6. Binky says:

    I’ve never heard of her, but I guess that’s not surprising as I’m not very up on things.

  7. It’s all purty-like

  8. frigginloon says:

    Since when has the Bearman been a fashionista? I don’t have a clue who Lilly Pulitzer is? Did she win a prize bwhahahahahahahaha

  9. Dave says:

    It looks like somebody puked on a shirt. Ladies, it’s time to come to your senses.

  10. jynksie says:

    Further proof that society needs to stay -off- my lawn! [good gravy]

  11. Jason says:

    I like to buy clothes at Target. They just don’ t have my size most of the time.

  12. Gruhn says:

    I had no idea. He really looks like he wants to touch it.

  13. Nate Fakes says:

    This is why I wear t-shirts. Cheap, affordable and I typically don’t need to battle a crowd to get one.

  14. I was wondering what this all this Pulitzer stuff was about at Target. Now that I know, Yikes!

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