Sagging Mattress Cartoon

Bearman Cartoons Sagging Mattress CartoonIt is a well known fact that women tend to take over the bed at night.  It is true in my house as well.   I call my wife a “starfish” as she makes sure to take up as much room with her small frame as she possibly can in the bed.  Add a couple cats in the mix and poor Bearman is smashed up against the edge of his side of the bed.

Recently my wife has been saying we need a new mattress because no matter how many times we turn the mattress my side of the bed is always sagging.  REALLY???!!!!


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  1. George Ford says:

    My wife gets peeved because my side sags so much that she can’t stop rolling onto me throughout the night. She has to hang onto her side like it was a cliff edge. 😀

  2. Sorry, I can’t go with you on this one. I have to stay as close to the edge as possible and often I have one leg out with my foot on the floor. Lately He-Who has taken to flinging his arms around in bed and I have gotten nailed several times. The other night he smacked me good and I woke up and went downstairs to sleep. The next morning I said I could figure out why I woke up. He just said, “Oh, I belted you again.” There are no sagging sides but there is a lot of dodging and weaving on my part.

  3. G.B. Miller says:

    Fer shure. My wife does this all the time.

  4. Tim Green says:

    Replace the pic of the cat with a dog and you got my situation! 🙂

  5. Comedy Plus says:

    I take the covers. I don’t take over the bed though, but you better have a death grip on those covers or I’ll have most of them.

    Have a fabulous day. 🙂

  6. I really like the cat compounding the situation.

  7. Mike W says:

    Don’t forget about that special ability to levitate six inches off the mattress, roll 360 degrees in mid air, thus cocooning themselves in the blanket. #blankethogs

  8. lisleman says:

    I’m not sure one gender has the problem more than the other. The size of the bed makes a big difference. Also, the only animals in bed should be the people when they are in the mood to act like an animal.

  9. Christina says:

    Our bed looks like that! Except our cat takes up twice as much space.

  10. nate says:

    thats the only reason while this 16 year old man will not get married im married to art

  11. Mark Stokes says:

    In R.E.M. it’s every man, woman, and cat for themselves.

  12. Tony McGurk says:

    We are the opposite. I get pushed back to my side a lot

  13. Binky says:

    Starfish! I’m sure your wife loves that one!

  14. Bill Murphy says:

    Ha, ha! I can relate.
    Especially last night… :/

  15. Gruhn says:

    As long as we’re Talking about sagging………

  16. Andro says:

    Yes sagging mattress syndrome is a common dilemma, in fact it dates back to Neanderthal times when going out, or clubbing as it is better known in the 21st century was also common, but in those days men were too busy dragging females around the bedroom by the hair to worry about anything sagging. So what does this have to do with the sagging mattress posting? Well not a lot but at least you enjoyed reading about it 🙂 lmao

    • haha. You had me until the end, riveted that there was a point to this lesson. Alas…

      • Andro says:

        i often write a lot of nonsense, hust calling into my Space proves that 🙂 lol Have a great day today Bearman and thank you for calling into my world on the edge, it’s funny but I was transported to your older Space from the comment you left me, so a trip through time, but I still enjoyed looking through your old Space 🙂 The last time that you posted there was back in 2010 so how about that for time travelling 🙂 Have fun today and keep adding your uniqueness, your website rocks 🙂

  17. David Hurley says:

    This is why many years gone by, married couples slept in separate beds.

  18. I’ve been single for 10+ years but until recently have kept the joys of my Cal King bed. A divet? You bet. Gotta say there’s nothing more depressing than a sagging mattress on one side of the bed…becasue you’re the only one ever in it!
    Maybe you should try doing it Amish Style Bearman: a finely crafted bed board to keep your side pristine. Think of the aerobic exercise you’ll get when you want to climb over and snuggle up 🙂

    Laughed at your ‘starfish’ description. Perfect.

  19. Tyler says:

    Manifest destiny, bedroom style.

  20. Joseph says:

    So true! My wife also hogs the covers so now we each have our own.

    We can’t flip our mattress because it has a sewn in “pillow top” feature. We can only turn it.

  21. We have a massive California king mattress.. . or as we call it, “sea of bed”!

  22. This comic is almost TOO true, if that’s possible!!

  23. benzeknees says:


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