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8 14 13 Bearman Cartoons Introverts on the InternetI have noticed a trend lately as identified in today’s cartoon with people who describe themselves as introverted.  Many of us have taken a Meyers-Briggs type assessment for work or fun that tries to identify our personality.   Companies use tools like this to try to help teams understand the different dynamics of its members.  In my days of using these tools I preferred DiSC as it measured behavior versus MB’s personality.  What is the difference, you ask?  If you ask people at work if I was Introverted or Extroverted they would all say Extroverted because my behavior at work is very outgoing in nature.  However my true personality is introverted.

In situations where I am at work or a work function, among a group of friends or the center of attention, I behave in a manner that is very extroverted.  Most other situations, (bar mingling when I was single, networking for non work related functions, etc) I am extremely shy and introverted.    So behavior is situational while personality is hard fast.

So while some people are introverts in real life, I see more and more people behaving like extroverts online and proudly beating their chests about being introverted.

How about you?  Are there situations where you would describe yourself as one versus the other?


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62 Responses to “Introverts on the Internet Cartoon”

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  1. Nate Fakes says:

    I took a test in college and I’m labeled extroverted. I tend to talk a lot, have fun and so-forth. BUT, there are times I am quiet as a mouse and I get my energy being by myself. Maybe I’m a mixed breed?

  2. I generally stay introverted until it is time to crank it up a few notches. Then the douche-line becomes blurred….

  3. lisleman says:

    wow this post is sorta deep for a cartoon.
    I behave differently depending on the situation, crowd and amount of alcohol consumed. I think most people do. Well Ok, except for that a-hole neighbor across the street. What a jack-wagon.

  4. Comedy Plus says:

    When I’m asleep I’m an introvert. I think. The rest of the time I’m and extrovert. Heck I even talk to myself at times.

    Have a terrific day. 🙂

  5. I’m a notorious introvert, but I’m cool when I’m online. In what other scenario can I have a casual conversation with 20 other people where I can rehearse my responses, all the while wearing yesterday’s underwear and eating a donut in one bite? The internet does not require my couthness. 😀

  6. Christina says:

    I do not like to label myself although “mouthy broad” is possibly accurate 😉

  7. David Hurley says:

    I think I’m like you, at work I am a extrovert, and generally I guess I am…but some settings put me in a very introverted mood. That’s a tough call actually, depends the situation.

  8. phil davis says:

    Well…I know is it take 3 martinis to get me to dance.

  9. Binky says:

    Introverted, but online definitely more extroverted than normal. I think the screen is enough of a shield to allow us to act out more than we would otherwise.

    I do not think of you as introverted, but I only see you here where I can’t see you!

  10. frigginloon says:

    Introvert , unless I know you. I can put on the extrovert act but it tires me out.

  11. DrFaust says:

    we did Myers Briggs at work recently. Whenever we do these types of activities I always think it’s a conspiracy by management to work out the best way to manipulate people.

  12. I’ve been hearing “I’m an extroverted introvert!” Which sort of means nothing.

  13. Lynn Vee says:

    Hmm… I am a huge introvert but most people probably don’t see me like that. same as you. Beaman, miss you and the gang but I am keeping very busy!

  14. I’m pretty much always introverted… except, maybe, when I’m online (in which case your comic could easily apply to me… except my shirt says ‘papyrus’). I took the Meyers-Briggs in a psychology class in high school… I was an IFSJ (if I’m remembering correctly). I’m not sure if I’ve heard of the ‘DiSC ‘ before.

    • Similar but they really have you focus on how you behave at work versus general as sometimes you behave differently in different situations so you don’t know how to best answer the personality tests.

  15. Dave says:

    First, I’m introverted. No doubt about it.

    Second, Every other day I am tempted to close down all my blogs and Facebook and go join a monastery… except my wife and son won’t let me 😐

    A few years ago it seemed to me that everybody and there dog was trying to sell themselves. I was one of those people.

    There would be one popular guy who we all emulated.


    He wrote a book. That was the reason who was popular in the first place.

    No matter how much we tweeted, blogged or Facebooked, we were never going to be popular also unless we wrote a book.

    Now I know that when I blog that I am doing it for fun. I don’t want to whore myself out to try and be popular. It goes against my grain as an introvert.

    Of course, if I was making 4 figures a month then I might try to be a little more obnoxious.

    No. I blog for fun. It is fun too. At one time I made a comment to get a comment. Now I try to leave a comment for the community aspect. Talking in a community online is something introverts are good at.


    Bearman all of a sudden wants to have a conference call with his blogging community.

  16. Bill Murphy says:

    Introvert. I do well in small groups. (4-6) But I can’t maintain an outgoing persona with large groups.

  17. Tony McGurk says:

    Around just a couple of people I feel comfortable, large gatherings really freak me out. Love the Extroverts suck T-Shirt

  18. G.B. Miller says:

    Yeah, I’m pretty much like that cartoon up above. Extroverted to point of being arrogant (sometimes) on the ‘net, while exceptionally introverted in real life.

  19. Really interesting, Bearman.
    I think I’m an extrovert all the time. I love to meet new people. It’s not a problem for me if I don’t know anyone at a party for example.
    But at the same time I like to have time for myself and prefer to spend an evening alone rather than with people I don’t like at all. But I guess I’m still an extrovert anyway.

  20. benzeknees says:

    What’s wrong with Comic Sans? One of my favorite fonts? I am always shy & introverted unless I have to teach someone something, then I come across as cool, calm & collected as well as confident (because I want them to have confidence in themselves learning from me).

  21. Mark Stokes says:

    Oh yeah? Well say that to my interface!

  22. Joseph says:

    You described me exactly, Bearman! At work (I’m an elementary art teacher) I am very outgoing and extroverted. Interacting with the kids, cracking jokes and of course some teaching too, I guess! But when we are in teacher meetings and other type of grown-up interactions, I clam up.

  23. Bo LUMPKIN says:

    I am an extrovert. I love large or small groups. I also try to make my presence known on the internet. I have to try hard not to be too obnoxious about it.

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