Facts about Napoleon

8 1 13 Napoleon plays in Sandbox Afraid of Cat Bearman CartoonsSo as today’s cartoon shows, there seems to be more to Napoleon that many of us didn’t know.  Two things I found interesting while reading this article were that he created battle plans in a sandbox and he was desperately afraid of cats.   Well I would be too if I had to fend the cats off from trying to pee in my sandbox.   This was fun to do so I will be coming up with more odd facts to share in cartoon form in the future.

Won’t be around the blogosphere much this weekend so please try to behave.

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  1. Bill Murphy says:

    I’d be afraid of anything half my body weight that walked on all fours and had retractable claws. 😉

  2. Tony McGurk says:

    I agree with Bill. It’s the retractable claws that scare me. I fear my Mum & Dad’s cat. He hates me & he knows it. Maybe the problem was that he didn’t know that his sandbox was actually the kitty litter tray & the cat just needed to go poopys

  3. Tony McGurk says:

    Can’t remember if I said previously but I like your new site design. Looks great

  4. buddhakat says:

    Like this one, Bearman… Napoleon is always butting into the private worlds of others!

    RE: this weekend… OK, I’ll behave if you do… 😉


  5. Nate Fakes says:

    Wow…..I’ve been so busy moving I had no idea you were re-doing your whole website. Looks great! I like it a lot better. I’ll stop in here again soon and browse around.

  6. Comedy Plus says:

    Well that’s an odd fact indeed. Yikes.

    Have a terrific day. 🙂

  7. Christina says:

    Wow! Your site is starting to get educational 🙂

  8. Dave says:

    I like that you made him about the size of the cat. I knew he was short but not Peter Dinklage short 😉

    That probably wasn’t pc but to his credit I think he is the best actor on Game of Thrones.

  9. Binky says:

    I suppose Britain should have sent an army of cats to fight him, then.

  10. susi spice says:

    im scared of cats………………………………………………………………………. omg what if IM Napoleon reincarnated!??

    that would explain the shortness and fraidiness of cats..but i havent conquered any countries just yet…

  11. David Hurley says:

    I have a cat, and sometimes…you gotta be afraid haha 🙂

  12. Mark Stokes says:

    I’m pretty sure he wasn’t holding catnip inside his jacket in all his portraits.

  13. frigginloon says:

    So that is how he met his water-loo !!!!

  14. Joseph says:

    He was probably afraid of digging up some land mines!

  15. Do I just have some sand in my eyes, or does it look a bit different around here?! FANCY! Nice work, Bearman (I love your Napoleon, too, of course. Vote for Pedro. Wait… that’s not quite right…)

  16. Tom Falco says:

    I don’t like cats either. I don’t fear ’em, just don’t like ’em.

  17. Bo Lumpkin says:

    Napoleon never mentioned to me that he was afraid of cats. Yep, I’m old.

  18. Hank Addanac says:

    My favorite ice cream is Napoleon.

  19. Tim Green says:

    It always freaks me out how cats will stare at a spot on the wall for a minute and then run away and hide! Maybe they see Napoleons ghost….

  20. jynksie says:

    Who wants something crapping all over their war plans? It would make me pissy as well! [meoow]

  21. Andro says:

    Luckily I always behave myself when visiting so no worries on that score 🙂 This is a very interesting idea adding historical facts as cartoons, and the way that you offer them always adds a giggle my fine friend, I can just imagine what Napoleon found in his sandbox being that I have a cat and she is always in there, well it beats the alternative 🙂 Those ginger cats can be quite aggressive you know 🙂 lol

    I used to have a girlfriend with a ginger Moggie, hey watch it
    Bearman I meant her pet cat not what you were thinking 😉 lmao


  22. benzeknees says:

    This was a really good one, I hope you do more in this vein!

  23. DrFaust says:

    haha this is awesome!

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