Australian Beer Tastes Like Piss

Bearman Cartoons Australian Beer Tastes Like Piss


Today’s cartoon is an homage to the beer of Australia.   In America we get Foster’s as pretty much the only import of Australian beers.  You know the commercial  “Fosters, Australian for Beer.”  However, you won’t find it anywhere in Australia and if you ask an Aussie, they will tell you that Fosters is crap they can and market to foreigners (typically “piss” is used in the sentence as well.

Now I am not a beer connoisseur like another in our travel party.  I like pilsner and lagers.  Don’t like wheat beer, don’t like ales, don’t like Guiness.   Hell most of the time a Miller Lite is good enough for me (got to keep my figure you know).   The beer whiz in the party thought all Australian beer tasted like piss.  Compared to the microbrews all over the United States, it definitely was a much weaker taste.   And trust me we went all over.   In fact, here is a little taste of what beers I drank.

Australia BeersTooheys and James Boags (OK I know it is Tasmania not Australia) were probably my favorites.   Four X was one my least favorite though it is the most popular beer there.

Sadly there was one Australian Beer that I didn’t get to try… PISS BEER.

From their website:

Aussies have been on the piss, getting pissed, drinking piss, drinking more piss and, most definitely, taking the piss for the past two hundred years.  The amazing thing is none of us thought to bottle it earlier. (Too busy getting pissed, probably.)



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82 Responses to “Australian Beer Tastes Like Piss”

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  1. Mike W says:

    But in your opinion, how did Fosters compare to the brews you tried?

  2. George says:

    I’m probably no the best judge of beer either. I usually can take it or leave it. If it has a high alcohol volume, I’m gonna be a fan regardless of what it tastes like.

    How is the australian ganja? Or are you saving that for another post? 🙂

  3. Tony McGurk says:

    I can’t remember last time I had a Fosters either. Boags is my favourite. Because it is brewed locally here in Launceston, about a kilometre from home, it is always the cheapest which is an important factor for a cheapskate. If I am in Hobart for a visit then Cascade is cheaper than Boags. Coseness to the brewery does seem to affect price. Queensland local beer is called XXXX because Queenslanders can’t spell beer.

  4. Comedy Plus says:

    Foster’s is real cheap as I recall. I had a friend that drank it because of the price. I don’t drink beer very often and a Coors light does me just fine right along with the pizza. That’s when I like a cold beer.

    Have a terrific day. 🙂

  5. Deb says:

    I haven’t had a beer in ages, but when I did, I rarely finished it.

  6. Colleen says:

    When I arrived in Australia it was the dead of winter and all their beer tasted like crap to me. I just plain don’t like beer in the winter. Summer is another thing. We drank VB in Victoria and Boag’s and Cascade in Taz. It all seemed to hit the spot when the weather got hot. Hey save me some bottlecaps, will ya?

  7. frigginloon says:

    Oh for crying out loud Bearman you drank that piss? You should have come to WA we have real beer . Tsk, tsk I think the bartender was pulling the piss on ya. Those beers are crap.

    • Bearman says:

      Well when that is what they have on tap, it is pretty sad.

      • susi spice says:

        i was just about to say that loon…for goodness sake bearman i want to clobber your knuckles for generalising “xxxx they love it there” dare you! thats a Queenslader crap beer and non one else around australia drinks it! im quite offended by your generalisation… we have some damn good beers, you seem to have picked the beers brewed and marketed for younger women. im still offended at your generalisation!

        • Bearman says:

          I went with a beer lover. Trust me, everything on tap in 95% of the bars was the “younger women” beer. Which I happen to love thank you.

  8. frigginloon says:

    Love the toon by the way. So true 😉

  9. Binky says:

    I stick to milkshakes.

  10. Lisa says:

    But doesn’t all beer taste like piss?

  11. duncanr says:

    I don’t drink much beer nowadays but when I do, I tend to buy Mexican or Indian beer (the Aussie beer on sale in uK tends to be crap like fosters and xxxx)

  12. Love the cartoon, funny. Cannot weigh in on the beer discussion I think it all tastes like piss. Except for Fat Tire before Coors bought it.

  13. Androgoth says:

    This is piss funny Bearman, well done 🙂
    Have a great start to your Thursday and
    watch out for those weak looking beers 🙁

  14. Androgoth says:

    The guy with the moustache looks like
    that ageing old fart Magnum PI 🙂 lol

  15. That surprises me… I would have guessed the exact opposite!
    Although many ‘domestic’ light beers seem pretty ‘watery’ to me, too, I guess…

  16. J-Dotson says:

    I want to try and make my own one day… When I was a young man I got to go to Germany. Man you talking about BEER. After two years there I could drink any of our domestic beers like water. I remember running at 6 in the morning and about to fall out puking my guts out from the beer I had the night before and the corner beer stand that looked like newspaper stands were just opening and had Germans standing in line for a beer… Weizen was my beer of choice over there. Last Fosters I had was a lot stronger then a regular Budweiser.
    They still have the micro brewery up there in Ft. Wright Bearman?
    Great cartoon by the way.

    • Bearman says:

      Which microbrewery you talking about. I don’t remember one.

      But about 10 years ago they opened a Hofbrauhaus near the river. Is that what you are talking about?

      I thought Weizen was a type of beer not a brand. Wheat beer…yuck.

  17. Miss R says:

    I’m gonna go out on a limb here, but I think Piss Beer is probably bottled by Anheiser Busch.
    Oh, never did enjoy Fosters. doesn’t keep me from wishing to spend time in australia though.

    Great cartoon Bearman 🙂

  18. Tim Green says:

    Note to self….Always order beer in the bottle when in Australia…

  19. Paulaner of Munich, Germany is my favorite beer. It is a hefeweizen bier. The darker the better 🙂

    Can’t stand most American beers. It taste like bitter crap in a can.. or bottle.

    I didn’t know I had been had when I drank a Foster’s and thought I had a real good Aussie beer. Dang :-/

  20. Watch out, that Roo can punch!

  21. Jaydee says:


    How much piss do you drink a day? You must down a lot to be able to draw a comparison.

  22. duncanr says:

    from the comments so far, I seem to be the only one who can put hand on heart and say I’ve never drunk piss (mine or anyone else’s) and so can’t draw any comparison with aussie beer 😆

    • duncanr says:

      damn, Jaydee beat me by 5minutes – should have pressed that Post Comment button straight away instead of going for a piss first ! 🙁

  23. Croc Dundee says:

    They’re all mostly light/middies you PUNCE!!

  24. Red Dwyer says:

    <<< hates beer. I prefer tequila. Or cognac. Or Scotch. Hahn is not so bad, but I am not one for light beers. Give me German black lager instead.

    The closest I come to liking a light beer is Tequiza. That has more to do with the tequila in it than the cerveza.

  25. Mark Stokes says:

    I’m lovin’ all these interesting travel notes, Bearman. ..(hic)..

  26. Tyler says:

    At least it’s from a kangaroo, I guess.

  27. I’m not sure about the piss content in Australian beer, but I have heard that’s what makes up 75% of what’s in a Corona. Sadly, this does not prevent me from enjoying a cold Corona on a hot sunny day.


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