Is it funnier in your head?

Lego My Eggo

So I posted this meme called “Lego my Eggo” on Google Plus the other day trying to make a waffle look like a Lego piece.  I think it was funnier in my head than my execution of it.   Ever fail yourself where you think something is hilarious and then you put it down on paper or draw it and you realize it really isn’t that great?


Something that is funnier on paper is Joel Poirier’s Stripped Comics.  Joel recently revamped his website to look like a comic book store.  I joked that he needed a Bearman doll on the shelves.

Stripped Comics Joel Poirier

No doll but he was kind enough to put a sticker on the shelf that actually links back here.  Sadly I have to share company with Aidan Casserly of Scapula (haha j/k Aidan – if you don’t know Scapula go check him out too)

About Bearman Cartoons

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  1. Christina says:

    Maybe you needed to post a cat picture with it 🙂

  2. J-Dotson says:

    right there with you Bearman… we can’t win them all…l

  3. Roland says:

    There have been a few comics I’ve done where the execution in my head is dead-on and then when translating it down to paper/photoshop doc it blows all types of chunks. And I think Joel’s homepage is awesome. Of course, I think it could use another zombie or ghost sticker next to the undead guys. 😉

  4. I actually thought of that Lego my Eggo idea myself a while back but didn’t draw it. You did a perfectly fine job on the execution. I am geeky enough to find the idea moderately amusing.

  5. Deb says:

    That right, we can’t with them all, but we keep working at it.

  6. Nate Fakes says:

    I don’t think it would be very tasty, but looks scrumptious!

  7. Comedy Plus says:

    I’ve often thought something was funny only to find out it was only funny to me. No one else got it, so I can relate.

    Cool on the sticker. You really have to look for it though.

    Have a terrific day. 🙂

  8. Mark Stokes says:

    Very imaginative, Bearman. First edible Lego I’ve ever seen!

  9. Don’t sell yourself short. I chuckled when I saw it.

  10. Red says:

    I like it and have thought it for years. Waffles are like Legos. Little V gives it two thumbs up, too.

    Cool on the sticker. I love the look of his home page.

  11. Binky says:

    I never have this problem. All my ideas are 1000% better when I write them down. Really. They are.

  12. James says:

    There’s a figure of me there too!

  13. Friggin Loon says:

    That’s what my foot looks like when I step on one 🙁

  14. It’s never a laughing matter when the breakfast platter takes out your front tooth.
    Am I whistling now?!

  15. Do things things only come in circles? I need a square one to finish my spaceship.

  16. George says:

    I think that every comic idea I create comes out way differently than I imagined it would be, I wish I could reproduce what’s in my head. That’s why I love to see what others do with my characters, because it seems that they’re able to fully realize my mere daydreams.

    I’ve read Stripped a few times and liked it. I don;’t know why it’s not a regular thing. I’ll give it another looksee.

  17. George says:

    One of my best friends and I have a lotta “you had to be there” moments where we still die laughing to this day reminiscing. When we meet other people and tell them about us, the stories are not funny at all to them.

  18. starla says:

    I think most of the jokes that I come up with are hilarious. Unfortunatly only a select few are really appreciated.

  19. starla says:

    How come my red avatar didn’t show up? It’s been one of those days. I guess the face about sums it up.

  20. Everything seems funny in my head. If people knew what I was thinking while they told me their troubles I wouldn’t have any friends left.

  21. Androgoth says:

    Well I had a giggle over it Bearman so
    I think your first instincts were correct 🙂

    Have a ghoul Friday, I mean a cool Friday 🙂

  22. writerdood says:

    The Lego Eggo looks like a perfect icon to launch an app, but what would the app do? Track your Eggo consumption, or keep track of your lego collection? You know what would be cool? An app that lets you take a picture of a lego object, and then tells you what the blocks are. Hmm… I wonder if there is such a thing already? I’m off to check.

  23. jynksie says:

    I’m sorry, but a lego my eggo in my toaster just melts and sets off the fire alarm! I wont even tell you the mess it makes with maple syrup! [blinks]

  24. Bo Lumpkin says:

    People are always tellin’ me I’m funny…except in the comment section on my comics. Maybe I need to do a reality show.
    BTW- I thought the Lego Ego was very funny and I ain’t lookin’ for points.
    Talk to you later… I gotta go call my agent about that reality show idea.

  25. lisleman says:

    “Ever fail yourself ” – yes with many of my blog posts

  26. Might be better with a normal shaped Lego piece. Who knows. Like you said, in your head it looks one way and then you make it and does not read like you thought it would.

  27. Tony McGurk says:

    I have a few like that that I haven’t posted. I think I should follow your lead & get them posted. Maybe do them on the weekends. You could try making some Lego Maple Syrup for it.

  28. Laura says:

    My 12 year old son cracked up when he saw the Lego my Ego picture. May I have your permission to save it and print it out, He wants it on his bedroom wall..

  29. DadaHyena says:

    WHOA! I never saw that! Awesome job, Joel (wherever you are), and thanks for the link!

    …oh….great….Bearman is there, too….

  30. Brian Hagen says:

    You’re right, B. I didn’t get the joke until I read your explanation, and then I thought, “Hey, that’s clever.”

    I hate it when that happens to me, and if I’m lucky, they get caught by my wife before I post them. She’s the perfect audience: a non-comic reader. If she gets my jokes, I’m probably OK with most other people.

    • Bearman says:

      You are like me. My wife is my gauge. If she doesn’t get it, no one will get it. Sometimes I just have to add the explanation for her sake (though she never reads my comic…)

  31. You know, no matter how much syrup I put on my Legos, they still hurt my teeth.

  32. I never drew anything but I do have a ton of Famous Interviews at Dummies of the Year that fell kind of flat :-/

    I like your lego my ego drawing.

  33. Story of my life! I find myself way funnier than I actually am. Just ask my kids…”Seriously, Mom. You’re not that funny.”

  34. Its sad but true, I think a lot of things are funnier in my head. I used to laugh at my own jokes when i was little too.

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