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Bearman Cartoons Super Man Dialogue Free Comics DayToday’s cartoon is in honor of Dialogue Free Comic Day, which actually is this Friday but I only post on Sunday’s and Wednesday so I am early.  (Noel Curry who started it says it is cool.)

This is a typical day in the life of the Bearman household.  My wife can do twenty things around the house and never say a word about it.  I, on the other hand, like to boast or at least announce every menial task that I do.  “Just want to let you know I changed the light bulbs in the bathroom and you didn’t even have to ask”   Now just for reference this isn’t some typical screw job bulb.  They are the damn halogen mini lights so I actually have to climb up on the counter to my own peril, hope they don’t explode in my face, make sure the pins align correctly, and all in the dark so I don’t blind or burn myself.  uh…am I bragging again?

Now my female readers might look at this and say, “typical man.”  BUT, I would say it is a learned response when you get married.  It is a preemptive strike.  Women think they do everything around the house.  So they start piling on chores for the man trying to get him to do their share.  By bragging about how much we have done no matter how mundane, we make you think before you start requesting things get done.

Though my wife has even worked her way around that.  Some show was saying that women shouldn’t nag their husbands to do chores but rather speak positively about the things they do in order to encourage them to do it more.  So now once a week without fail, my wife will tell me “You know you look sexy when you clean the cat litter”

Weigh in.  Anything similar happen in your experience?


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63 Responses to “Super Man Cartoon”

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  1. lisleman says:

    “all in the dark” – they have invented flashlights you know.
    Yes what you describe is very very common around here. We can both walk into the same room and see completely different things too.

  2. George says:

    I report every instance I do something around the house. With my wife, I get to see most of what she does to keep our household running. When I do something, there’s never any witnesses, so I have to make a special report speech, so I don’t look totally unnecessary. 😀 Good cartoon today!

  3. Jande says:

    Love the cartoon, Bearman. Glad you explained it too! ;`D

    Heh. I’m the one who announces to my husband whenever I do anything domestic. But sometimes I’m more subtle.

    Laundry: Leave the basket full of clean folded laundry in the living room where he’ll be sure to notice it when he gets home.

    Dishes: Leave them in the tray so he’ll notice I washed some or if he washes put them away once they air dry, the cleared tray is dead giveaway.

    Vaccuum: Neglect to put away the vaccuum cleaner until after he walks through the door.

    etc. Hey, it’s hard work doing that stuff once a month or so! :`D

    • Bearman says:

      Oh I know. Today she walked before she walked out of the house I made her read my blog entry (something she rarely does). Her response was “you know you look sexy when you clean my hair out of the shower drain”

  4. Scott says:

    Hilarious! To me, the first image is of when he meets her for the first time. The second is after he’s persuaded her to marry him!

  5. nursemyra says:

    Ha! Now that I’m not married any more I only have myself to impress. and i do a pretty good job of it 😉

  6. Tony Mcgurk says:

    Great job on the light change. If you didn’t brag she mightn’t notice. I changed 4 bulbs on Sunday, Saturdsay night we discovered in the new house once it was dark that the previous tenants took the bulbs out of all 4 bedrooms. Who moves out & steals the light bulbs??? Last night I replaced 6 tap washers, fixed the washibng machine & didn’t think to brag. She did thank me though. Work internetting aty the moment as we won’t have internet connection till Monday hopefully. How does anyone survive that long without the internet???

    • Bearman says:

      Did I know you moved? I must have missed that post. Does that mean Tony’s garden is gone? What about the steps you just repaired??

      • Tony Mcgurk says:

        Yep after 6 years in that house we moved on the weekend to escape the wretched traffic noise. The garden & steps have been left for future tenants. We were on the main road into town from the northern highway inlet/outlet. Trucks running all night long with their darn engine brakes as they enter the town speed limit right outside our house. We are now in a really quiet dead end street in the next suburb. There’s a golf club at the end of the street so apart from local residents the only through traffic we get is golfers. The only truck we’ve had through so far is the garbage truck. It’s so awesomely quiet.

  7. Red says:

    My husbands quickly learned the report was followed directly by an inspection. What did not meet muster was repeated. Cured that pretty readily.

    Bear is better. I like his approach. He asks, “Do you think I should bush hog the back lot today?” His theory is, if he makes his idea of what will win brownie points my idea, I will appreciate it as much as the things I ask him to do.

    Perhaps, I should not let him read the psychology posts any longer.

    • Bearman says:

      “My husbands quickly learned the report was followed directly by an inspection.”

      haha…could that be the reason why “husbands” is plural you taskmaster…haha

      Bear IS better…because he has a cool name.

  8. Friggin Loon says:

    No, no, no Bearman, your wife is busy because she has to go and fix and tidy up all the things you “say” you’ve done!!!!

    • Bearman says:

      haha…she does say that I will many chores only 80% of the way. Like I will empty the dishwasher and not know where she likes to keep a certain bowl or vase so I will leave it on the counter. Then she complains about it so I say…”Look, I may have only done 80% of the task but that means you only have to do 20%”

  9. Binky says:

    I think you should hire someone to do those light bulb changes. They can be hazardous!

  10. Mark Stokes says:

    I worked with a guy who always very loudly announced whenever he would complete something so the boss would hear it and he would get brownie points. The boss ate it up, but all the rest of us were just disgusted.

  11. James says:

    I couldn’t think of anything for this day but you came up with a great job.

  12. Wait…
    I’m supposed to… actually… do… things?
    Oh, *beep*!

  13. G. B. Miller says:

    Sadly, I’m the reverse of you. I do a lot of the menial tasks around the house and yet my wife never says I look sexy doing something.

  14. Nate Fakes says:

    I’m a stay-at-home house husband, so I get to do all chores. If my wife does something, I usually take a picture of it.

  15. Bo Lumpkin says:

    My wife thinks I’m needy. She is always thinkin’ of somethin’ I need to do. I am tryin’ to change her thinkin’. I as her If I really need to or does she just want me to. If she says I need to I have her explain why. She usually just gives me that look. You know the look, once she missed and it ricocheted and hit the poor dog. He ain’t been the same since.

    • Bearman says:

      Well the good news for you is that most women want jewelry and now you can be hobbying and doing something for her at the same time.

      • Bo Lumpkim says:

        I can tell when she really likes a piece of jewelry… She looks at it and lays it down on the other side of her where I can’t reach it. I know then that it is gone forever. She really does like this hobby better than she has liked most of ’em.

  16. Your wife is brilliant! Starting today, everytime I ask my husband to do something around the house, I’m going to begin my request with, “You know you look sexy when you…”

  17. DadaHyena says:

    I scrub down my bathroom once every few months, and pride myself on a job well-done.

    Hey, it’s more than my housemates do!

  18. Bo Lumpkin says:

    She usually has me make her a new aet of earrings to match what she will be wearing to church on Sunday. Come to think of it she has been in a real good mood since I have been makin’ jewelry.

  19. Dialogue-free comic day?! Why didn’t anyone TELL me?! Oh…

  20. jynksie says:

    Speaking of chores, my wife tells me on a weekly basis that I’m doing it wrong, but at least I’m doing it! #PillowTalk [smirk]

    Great dialogue free comic, we both know I could never do anything dialogue free!

    • Bearman says:

      That’s because even in cartoon form you don’t know how to shut up..haha

      • jynksie says:

        Her name was Lola, she was a showgirl
        With yellow feathers in her hair and a dress cut down to there
        She would merengue and do the cha-cha
        And while she tried to be a star, Tony always tended bar
        Across a crowded floor, they worked from 8 till 4
        They were young and they had each other
        Who could ask for more?

        *I’m dressed as the Chiquita banana girl while I sing this to you! [grin]

  21. Lisa says:

    I am a praise seeker too.

  22. It’s all about the ‘little victories’ in life.

  23. Deb says:

    My hubby does lots of stuff around the house without making mention of it. He’s pretty good about helping too if I ask for it…done in his time.

  24. Chris K says:

    Love it when you can say so much without saying anything at all. Great Strip.

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