Rent Textbooks & Binky Caricatures

Binky of Cartoon by Bearman of

Third and fourth winners of my 500th post caricature contest are up today.  First is the loveable Binky from Peter Marinacci’s Wombania.   Peter was too shy for a caricature so he asked the rocket and chocolate loving Binky to stand in for him.

Next up is the person that many thought was a spammer.  I mean who goes by the name “Rent Textbooks“.  Somehow I realized her comments were just a little smarter than a typical spammer so I kept her from the dump pile.  It has paid off and now not only is she a regular commenter but she is allowing me to out her publicly on my site.  First up is the caricature:

Caricature-Hillary-Rent-Textbooks Bearman Cartoons

And the real her (in case you were wondering):









It didn’t help my cause that she sent me three completely different looks. ha   She said she was a big fan of the water and the beach thus the setting.

Some final good news.  So many times you see great bloggers and cartoonists give up the web for other things.  One of them was one of the first followers of Beartoons, Brogan from Artic Blast Comic.  Well I am happy to say he is back.  The site url is the same but the name is changed to Inkee Doodles Studios.  Go show him some love.

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87 Responses to “Rent Textbooks & Binky Caricatures”

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  1. Binky says:

    Hey, it’s me!
    Great caricature, Beraman!
    Now let’s see what this rocket can really do!

  2. 25BAR says:

    That water looks very inviting!

  3. Woot! Hey Bearman, what’s your secret. I never get pretty fan girls sending me their pictures. If I’m lucky I might get a photo of Bo Lumpkin in drag.

  4. Thanks Bearman! I love it, and thanks for the kind words. Its hard to be “rent textbooks” and be taken seriously.

  5. I would never have guessed Binky liked chocolate.
    Love ’em both, Bearman – nicely done, sir!
    (Great news about Brogan, to – I hadn’t heard about that)!

  6. Bo Lumpkin says:

    Fantastic work Bearman. Does this mean you are going to have to come up with new comic ideas next week?
    I have enjoyed them all.

  7. Comedy Plus says:

    I love Binky. You did a great job on both.

    Have a terrific day. 🙂

  8. MC/Curtis says:

    Great job! Binky will need a wing in a museum soon for ‘The Binky Collection’. Rent Textbooks looks great too. That’s a very clever name, but I would have thought it spam initially as well.

  9. Mark Stokes says:

    Ground Control to Major Binky. Take your chocolate bar and put your helmet on!
    Those fish sure know what they like! Love these, Bearman! Great color and fun.

  10. These are excellent…so fun! I’ll admit I’m a tad bit envious. In case you’re wondering…I’ve always wanted to be a rodeo clown.

  11. Tony McGurk says:

    Binky needs to steer that rocket to Tasmania, I have a chocolate hankering. Excellent job of both Bearman. Very good likeness of Rent, or is it Miss Textbook? You have a real talent for caricatures.

  12. Friggin Loon says:

    That’s not fair you did two in one which means……I’m friggin next!!!!! I will have to see if I can find any baby maggot photos 🙂

  13. George says:

    They both look great! This is the only site where I get see what some of the best-known bloggers look like. Thanks, Bearmna! 😀

  14. kame says:

    I am jumping here (tho turtle can’t jump) from Binky’s blog. Just wanted to say, Binky looks cute there.

    The story with Rent Textbook is interesting. I also have some spammer that doesn’t sound like a spam…tho none sent their photo 😉

    • Bearman says:

      Spammers have been getting smarter and stealing bits of others comments so if you aren’t paying attention, they get through. Thanks for stopping by.

  15. Deb Adams says:

    Binky look really good up there. So does text book. Great job, Bearman!

  16. blaser says:

    rent textbooks…. that’s a good one.

  17. alecho says:

    Binky looks cool on the rocket! 🙂

  18. Jay says:

    Rockets, the future of transportation. You heard it here first folks. ><

  19. Brogan says:

    Hey there Bearman! Thanks for the show of love as I get back into the swing of things again! Looking forward to catching up on ur blogs again as well as your new stuff to come. 🙂

  20. Wasn’t there an episode of Mythbusters where they strapped a Wombie to a rocket?!

  21. Scholar Mel says:

    Great again, as usual… is there anything you can’t do? 🙂

  22. Brian Hagen says:

    Your caricature of “Rent Textbooks” is really pretty. This is extremely hard to do – an attractive caricature of a woman. You did really well. Did you make many versions?

  23. Sabina Brave says:

    I like this caricature of Binky 🙂 You are really good in this kind of art.

  24. Nate Fakes says:

    Good caricatures. I’m imagining mine right now (for – you know – when I win one), and it looks great!

  25. Sheila Deeth says:

    Wombat plus chocolate! Perfect for my writing wombat friends. Enjoyed the caricatures, and enjoyed the trip to Inkee Doodles.

  26. Dr. Cynicism says:

    You *sure* the reason you put her in a swim suit was because she said she liked the beach? Really? Hmm…

  27. very awesome! that looks just like her! seriously, how the CRAP did you make me into a puppet.


    and YES, i’m turning this post into an all about me. Yes.

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