RIP Leslie Nielsen

Leslie Nielsen Caricature

Leslie Nielsen passed away this week.  Everyone has been quoting his “Don’t call me Shirley” line from Airplane all week but I was more a fan of his Naked Gun series of movies as he was the star.

Imagine a movie where a 50+ year old is the star, he has a hot girlfriend in Priscilla Presley, includes the master of disaster films, George Kennedy, and costared OJ Simpson when the public still loved and admired him. 

A few of my favorite lines:

Mimi Du Jour: Is this some kind of bust?
Lt. Frank Drebin (Nielsen): Yes, ma’am, it’s very impressive, but we need to ask you a few questions.

Lt. Frank Drebin (Nielsen): It’s the same old story. Boy finds girl, boy loses girl, girl finds boy, boy forgets girl, boy remembers girl, girl dies in a tragic blimp accident over the Orange Bowl on New Year’s Day.

[Jane climbs a ladder as Drebin looks up
Lt. Frank Drebin (Nielsen): Nice beaver! 
Jane  [producing a stuffed beaver] Thank you. I just had it stuffed.

Any other favorites?

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  1. Walker says:

    No quotes, as I didn’t watch many of his movies, but was intrigued by his earlier works as well. Nice tribute.. love the beaver line!

  2. Dr. Cynicism says:

    RIP Frank Drebin… you’ll be missed.

  3. tmcelmurry says:

    Great job Bearman. One of my favorite lines was when he was confronting Priscilla Presley in the restaurant and as she leaves he stands up and shouts, “Don’t worry about me. I haven’t had this much sex since I was a boy scout leader.” All the patrons stare at him with this glare, he quickly responds to them “I was dating a lot at the time.”

    The Police Squad episodes were amazing. I hated that it only lasted 6 episodes, I guess like the Zucker Brothers said, they were pulling stuff that really required more than a 30 minute show to get the joke across.

    He is and always will be one of my top 5 favorite actors.

    • Bearman says:

      hah…I forgot that scene. I couldn’t believe Police Squad didn’t make it as a series. It def would have lasted today with cable.

  4. Samantha says:

    Great job! Liked both his early work as well as the silly stuff. Your caricature is nicely done and a wonderful tribute.

  5. Tracy Ingram says:

    Nielsen will be sorely missed. I saw a Disney movie with him in it with my nephew some years back called Rent a Kid. Even when he is working with Disney he knows how to get us laughing. It was hysterical. He was and will always be one of the greats.

  6. Binky says:

    The police squad series was so unique. I loved the way they killed off the guest star in the first few minutes. And of course Leslie was in Forbidden Planet, one of the original SF classics.

  7. Bo Lumpkin says:

    Great caricature. I guess you could say his “Shirley” line was the inspiration for my Shirley the Monkey character. There probably aren’t many weeks that go by that I don’t tell someone “Don’t call me Shirley.”

  8. Drebin: “That’s a honey of an ankle bracelet you’re wearing.”
    Jane: “Did that slip down there again?”

  9. timm says:

    The Beaver line with Presley is the a classic. Glad he is getting so much press and your tribute to him is excellent! He also stayed out of the press until now which must mean he was a regular guy. Refreshing.

  10. George says:

    I can’t recall any favorite quotes, because everything Leslie said was hilarious to me. You did a great job with this tribute, B.

  11. DadaHyena says:

    I still love “Dracula: Dead & Loving It”. Despite what some broomstick-up-the-butt critics may have said, it’s still a hilarious movie and a great showcase of Nielsen’s comedy.

    …and if comedy’s not your thing, check out his stunningly imposing performance in “Creepshow”. Anyone who never knew that Nielsen was a serious actor will be surprised.

    • Bearman says:

      I forgot he was in Creepshow. I remembered Ted Danson in that segment but forgot that Nielsen was the husband.

      I can’t remember if I saw Dracula: DALI or not.

      • DadaHyena says:

        That’s right everyone: Leslie Nielsen got to kill Ted Danson in “Creepshow”…need any more proof that Leslie is awesome?

        Give “Dracula: Dead and Loving It” a try (incidentally, I never noticed the acronym is “DALI”…how surreal)…just don’t expect “Young Frankenstein”. I’m sure many critics and moviegoers made the inevitable comparison and shot down “Dracula” because it didn’t measure up to Mel Brooks’ previous monster mash…but in all fairness, how can ANY comedy hold up against “Young Frankenstein”?

  12. Friggin Loon says:

    I still use “Don’t call me Shirley” …yes, lame I know 🙁

  13. Tony says:

    I never saw the naked gun. Great likeness B.M. That’s one thing I can’t do is to make drawings actually look like people.

  14. nursemyra says:

    He had a good head of hair didn’t he? 😉

  15. lisleman says:

    He made some great funny scenes. I like both the movies you mentioned in the text. I forget what movie it was (same one I think) in, but he slide across a table of food and flies into the queen.

  16. Tovias says:

    I would highly recommend that you find a copy of Forbidden Planet. I’ve often said that movie was the seed that grew into Star Trek. If FP was the proto-Star Trek, then Leslie Nielsen’s character was the proto-Kirk.

    Also if you get a chance to see it, he was great in Disney’s Swamp Fox series when I was a little kid.

  17. G says:

    I think that beaver one is more well known and quoted than the “Don’t call me Shirley” quote.

    Best deadpan comedian/actor of all time.

  18. The cariacture and associated comments above are as fine an obit as I’ve read elsewhere on a fine actor…

    Quite by chance, two of his very early films have been shown here ijn the last few days;

    The Opposite Sex

    The Sheepman


  19. susi spice says:

    RIP Mr N…. good movies

  20. MJ says:

    I never was into his on screen antics much, I would rather watch Abbott and Costello for good old nonsense.

  21. SpilledInkGuy says:

    That’s another great likeness, Bearman – very cool! 🙂

  22. Chris W. says:

    RIP. I hope he’s drinking his vine and eating his chik’n in heaven.

  23. lynn says:

    Loved Airplane!! Btw, we got our “Don’t Touch My Junk shirt and we’re looking for a creative place to take a pic this weekend. 🙂

  24. bschooled says:

    I loved everything that came out of that man’s mouth.

    While the other girls my age had posters of Corey Haim/Feldman covering their walls, I had action shots of Lt. Frank Drebin and Clark Griswold.

  25. I knew I picked the wrong week to stop shooting heroin into my eyeballs and smoking crack out of a catalytic converter. Shit!

    Great caricature!

  26. Bo Lumpkin says:

    I hope you don’t mind but your avatar is making a cameo appearance tomorrow with Edna and Mildred.

  27. Goeber says:

    A very funny man! 🙂

  28. Jillsy Girl says:

    I was never a big fan of his movies, but those lines you quoted are hysterical!

  29. jb says:

    The comedy world has lost a great one. R.I.P.

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