Comic Con now Hollywood Con? – Cartoon

Bearman Cartoon How Hollywood took over Comic-Con

Something painfully obvious I know but this article in the LA Times (hat tip to Alan of the Daily Cartoonist) laments the takeover each year of Comic-Con by Hollywood elite hoping to get a strong internet buzz for their latest endeavors.

For those who go, do you feel the loss of the way it used to be or is it better for smaller exhibitors because what you lose in focus you make up because if the sheer number of people. 

I have never been to a comic convention and even with the proliferation of webcartoonists that exhibit at them these days, I will probably not ever be one of them.  Face it, political cartoon compilations are not what fanboys are clamoring for.  Maybe if there’s ever a newsie-con, I’ll be setting up shop between Rachel Maddow and Glenn Beck who are there trying to hock their own books.

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  1. Carlo says:

    I’ll be having a table in my first comic con in August, albeit a local one in my country. I guess there’s still a bit of purity left here since the local film industry hasn’t overtaken these comic cons and probably never will.

    You do bring up a fantastic point on political cartoonists not getting their due limelight in such conventions. Where would they go to shine? Do they even want such attention? Bearman Cartoons, however, which often delves into pop culture, I think would do great in a comic con.

    Oh, and I’d love to go to a newsie-con. 🙂

    • Bearman says:

      Congrats on your first step to big time. What swag you going to sell??

      Political cartoonists don’t get their due on the blogosphere either. You are either not a webcomic so many people are turned off b/c they aren’t into politics or you aren’t a “professional” so you are ignored by the Cagles of the world.

      Think anyone would show up to Newsie-con? What would people dress like?

      • lynn says:

        okay i’ll admit i dont knwo much about comic-con… are you saying youre pretty enough to go on a date but not pretty enough for the prom? i disagree…

        • Bearman says:

          No I am saying that Political Cartoonists won’t necessarily find their target audience at a comic convention.

          • lynn says:

            it sounds so much better when you say it… in fact, after i reread my comment i wasnt so sure it came out the way i intended… *sigh* it’s been a long week for me…

          • Bearman says:

            Of course…I am like the old commercial. Everything sounds better with Bearman on it.

      • Carlo says:

        I’ll just be selling ashcan compilations of selected strips, buttons, sketch cards. Not much more than that. My table is at the Indie artist alley, which makes it a free table. 🙂

        I don’t know who I’d go as in Newsie-con but I’m sure Sarah Palin would be a popular choice for cosplayers! 😀

  2. Nate Fakes says:

    That’s why I’ve never really had the desire to go to a comic con (well, that – and I’m not too big on super hero, action comics).

    With that guys name though, he should be drumming up a ton of business!

  3. Friggin Loon says:

    We just had a massive comic convention in Perth (insert canned laughter) and they brought over Lou Ferringo (Incredible Hulk) and third tiered cast members from Twilight. From all accounts it was a success but got little if any news coverage 🙁

  4. lisleman says:

    I know they have some type of comic con in Chicago. Most of the media coverage centers around the dressed up attendees who typically dress as movie characters. Hollywood always had a piece of the comic industry because of animation but it does seem their piece is much better than ever.

    Myself if I was between the two mentioned above, I would be leaning toward Rachel.

    • Bearman says:

      That being the closest, one day I may actually go there to see the Chicago one.

      But then again Maddow might be the one more likely to lean away from you.

  5. It’s a sad state of affairs Bearman. I’ve never really been into comic books so it’s a little annoying that 99 out of 100 movies out in the past 5 years have been superhero type shit. The only one I even watched was Batman with Ledger’s amazing last performance.

    • Bearman says:

      I haven’t been into actually buying long form comic books since I was a kid. I always liked the “lesser” characters in the superhero world.

      And I am a big fan of all the movies (well not all of them) but what is sad is the one I am most looking forward to is the Green Hornet (sad mostly b/c I am not a huge fan of most of Seth Rogan’s films)

  6. I think you are spot on with this one! I don’t hear much about the comics (other than our Twitter webcomic friends…) I’m hoping to head to the Comic-Con in Toronto at the end of August. It will be my first one. I’ll let you know if there is a newsie section up here in Canada!

  7. MJ says:

    What? Political cartoonists aren’t popular? Dang! Funny material man.

  8. DadaHyena says:

    Ugh. I have a bad enough inferiority complex without attending those conventions and seeing the ten thousand starving artists desperately trying to get people to buy their stuff, only to be blocked out because some media hotshot is giving a special presentation about what kind of cereal s/he ate that morning.

    No, I’m not bitter…NOT BITTER IN THE LEAST, DAMN IT!

  9. George says:

    I would love to see you at a convention with some dark glasses and a hood on in order to mask your identity. I’d even let you have the voice modulator. 🙂 My wife and I are going to the SDCC Saturday. She’s going for the Hollywood element, while I’m going to see if I can either meet some fellow webcomic-heads, do some promotion while standing in line, or just plain hit it big with some editor who’s been waiting years to run across the likes of me. Hahaha!

  10. DadaHyena says:

    “Nate Ford”?….

    Did George Ford and Nate Fakes have a bastard son in some alternate universe?

  11. lisleman says:

    I’m a joker
    I’m a smoker (quit thank goodness)
    I’m a midnight toker
    I get my lovin’ on the run

    But now YOU are a member of Team ICB
    I Can’t Blog

  12. Chris W. says:

    I’m not going to lie, I’d prolly kill someone for a Green Lantern ring, real or not.

  13. I haven’t been to Comic-Con yet on account of I’m still bitter about the whole Eclipse Comics Saga …

  14. Mel Ancholy says:

    I never heard of Comic-con until I started watching The Big Bang Theory.

  15. Don Mills says:

    Any chance Walt Kelly might be there? I’d like to shake his hand.

  16. susispice says:

    man i gotta go to one of these ner….comiccon thingos one of these days.. even if its just to see what all the fuss is about.

    ill bring me Asterix cartoon book 😀 ill fit in then hehe

  17. that makes sense.
    I guess these conventions are reserved for supehero comics and such.
    For the record i think you do really well on here.
    With what you produce and the responses you get

  18. Tony says:

    Is that the actual Prop Master who put the actual ring in the movie??? Awesome, Amazing, Astounding!!!!

    • Bearman says:

      Yes. He actually pulled it out of a bubble gum machine (I think it was a green ring pop) Evenrything else added to it in the movie was just CG.

  19. Bo Lumpkin says:

    Kinda makes you wonder about the future of comics don’t it? Superheros are okay but I like the funnies. (And political cartoons)

  20. SpilledInkGuy says:

    I’ve never been to a con, either. Mostly because I’d probably have to leave my (now newer although smaller) apartment home to do so. 🙂


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