Bearman Cartoon: April Showers…

Bearman Cartoon April Showers Bring May Allergies

Finally responding to Jill’s call for taking the phrase “April Showers Brings May Flowers” and showing what it means to me.  In Cincinnati it is a well known fact that if you don’t have allergies when you get here, that you will once you stay for a while.  Pollen season is going like gangbusters here already and my eyes are a little itchy.

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  1. nursemyra says:

    the showers “cloud” appears to be the colour of phlegm… 😉

  2. tmcelmurry says:

    It’s really a strange year, I think Pollen is up like 1,000,000%. Knock on wood my allergies haven’t been horrible yet this year, usually they kick in rough once things start drying up in the Summer, buy my little boys are having a rough year with their allergies.

    I always seem to end up with the guy who sneezes upon approaching you, does the one, two wipe on his pants and extends his sneeze covered hand for a shake. I shudder now even thinking about it. My boys have saturated me more than I can count with their sneezes. They catch them sometimes and cover like they’ve been told, but at 4 and 2, it’s hard to remember all the time, and it usually occurs when I’m carrying them or they are trying to tell me something up really close to my face, so I have no time to drop my sneeze guard helmet. 🙂

  3. jill says:

    same thing goes for Atlanta and we’re covered in yellow right now!!

    Thanks for taking the challenge! I’ll go link you up now.


  4. Roland says:

    I hear if you eat LOCAL raw honey, it should help battle allergies. and I don’t mean Winnie the Pooh whole jar of hunny. but like a tablespoon of honey a day, you just need to make sure it is local honey.

    • lynn says:

      yes i’ve heard this, but it has to be local honey, youre right roland! 🙂

    • Bearman says:

      I hear that is a myth. Bee Pollen has nothing to do with the pollen that causes most allergies. That is caused by Ragweed, grass and trees.

      • lynn says:

        hmm..okay if youre gonna make me… i’ll send my brother in law over here. he knows every detail of how local honey is very important for the treatment of allergies. *heavy sigh* oh ye of little faith.. 🙂

        • Bearman says:

          I just heard a DOCTOR say it was a myth. Your brother in law a DOCTOR (not a witch doctor) hahahahaha

          • lynn says:

            hmmm lemme see, the DOCTOR wants you to come see him for testing, follow-up, medications is a business remember? my brother in law isnt much, just an animal science major, self sustanable farmer with emphasis in homeopathic medicine and does daily manual labor at 53 yrs old. but whatever helps you sleep… i’m just sayin’..

          • Bearman says:

            I do daily menial labor. Does that count???

  5. lynn says:

    i suffer from bad allergies too. ive been tested but didnt react to any allergens. the weird thing is i’m not having problems now when the rest of the country is…weird.. not much pollen here ont he beach but inland they have it pretty bad i hear. cute toon!

  6. Sheila Deeth says:

    Pollen season started early here. Looks like a long showery spring.

  7. Friggin Loon says:

    Hmm Bearman, that’s spit not goobers!!!!

  8. Dan lon says:

    Ugh, not good to remind a germophobe like me. If I see somebody sneeze dozens of yards down my path, I will still change directions or “dodge” that part of the sidewalk as I move past.

    • Bearman says:

      I had a friend who never carried kleenex. He would hold one nostril, lean over and snot out the other one onto the ground. Grossest thing I ever saw.

  9. susispice says:

    I dont think we get slag showers more like booger showers from some ppl. My bf gets such bad allergies during winter of all times! the hotter it is the better for him.

  10. Sounds similar to STL … there is literally a visible coating of green pollen / dust on EVERYTHING. I do not approve. Neither do my sinuses. 🙂

  11. Britland hayfever season hasn’t kicked in yet and will be delayed by the bad winter holding spring back 3-4 weeks; but then, wehey, snot everywhere, yipee (not).

  12. FJ says:


  13. G says:

    Already got allergies from spending my entire life in Connecticut, so going to Cincinnati (and experiencing the cockroach that ate it) would be like going to a minor league b-ball game.

    Why see a pale imitation when you you’ve already lived the real thing?

  14. jammer5 says:

    I wasn’t allergic to anything until I moved to Kansas, then I became allergic to everything 🙁

  15. Bo Lumpkin says:

    I guess the caption could have read “April flowers bring snot showers.” Sorry, I just couldn’t resist that one.

  16. Dan says:

    I was lucky enough to make it out of Cincinnati without any allergies. But you’re dead on – the Ohio Valley is a basin of pollen!

  17. Laura says:

    Very nice play on Jill’s contest! I like!

  18. Tony says:

    I thought the same as Nurse Myra, a very phlegmy cloud. Run away or get a phlegm spray. We had a really bad hay feverish spring last year. We are heading for winter down here & the colds, flu & sniffly season is starting

  19. I always cover my nose when someone sneezes. (Quietly tho)

  20. George says:

    I was trapped on a plane with about three flus, two colds, and an allergy-prone priest when we traveled to VA. I’m relatively sure that’s why I was sick for almost our entire vacation. I asked the flight attendant to open a window, but nobody ever listens to me. 😀

  21. DadaHyena says:

    BLEAGH! Like those Spitter dinosaurs from “Jurassic Park”.

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