Spud Comics – Because Larson Retired

I have always been a fan of single panel gag cartoons.  Don’t know if Gary Larson’s The Far Side was the first but he certainly set the bar high.  Many times those who have picked up the Larson torch have left something to be desired.  Well a few months ago I ran across someone who is on top of his game, Lonnie Easterling of Spud Comics.

Lonnie recently shared with his readers that he was laid off from his day job.  Yes, he managed to do 5 toons a week and hold down a full time job.  I am lucky to put out one new cartoon a week.  Lonnie is looking to take Spud to the next level and the more followers he gets the better he will do.  If you are inclined, buy a t-shirt or tip him so he can drown his sorrows in a glass of beer.

So take time and head over to Spud Comics and comment on his stuff or Follow Spud Comics on Twitter.  Make sure to tell him I sent you…been trying to shame him into adding me to his blog roll for months..ha ha j/k.

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  1. Way to spread the love Bear, Easterling is good. Thanks.

  2. danineteen says:

    I love the Spud. If I had any money I’d help him out, even a little.

  3. Nate Fakes says:

    I’ve had Spud on my blogroll for awhile. Good stuff.

  4. George says:

    Lonnie Easterling does it better than Larson in my opinion, and I hope he takes the game to the next level. Again.

    Thanks for allowing him to expose himself. I mean, get more exposure. SPUDCOMICS rulez!

  5. John k says:

    thanks for the great find!!

  6. nursemyra says:

    yeah, thanks Bearman, he’s pretty good

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