Beartoons Charity Drive

No this isn’t one of those things where I ask you to support my site with a donation or buy raffle tickets

Readers from early on here will remember back in November I reported on some local bloggers (Cincinnati Blog and Cincinnati Beacon) throwing down challenges to other bloggers to raise money for the FreeStore FoodBank.  The FreeStore does a lot of great things locally to help families in need.

With so many people out of jobs, I have been fortunate to keep working.   So while I am by no means a rich guy, I felt it was important to do something to help others.  The FreeStore is a great beneficiary because donors tend to forget about them unless there is a holiday coming up.  So in honor of the launch of my new website URL,, and the celebration of another decade type birthday milestone this month, I am issuing this challenge to help raise money.  I will donate the indicated amount for each thing that you do in the month of June:

$10 – Add to your blog roll (for those who don’t already have it)

$10 – Blog about my challenge to your readers and link back to this entry in your post –

$2 – Follow me via TWITTER updates. (if you aren’t already)

$2 – For each Tweet that you include a link back to this challenge (once per day up to 5x)

If you add me to your blog roll, include this challenge in a post, or start following me via twitter because of this post please indicate in the comments.  If you tweet, just make sure to put @bearmancartoons somewhere in it and I’ll be able to account for it.

I am going to give a minimum of $100 so if no one takes me up on the challenge, at least someone will benefit with a maximum I am looking to do is $500, which I hope you will help me achieve.  I’ll post a weekly update of the money raised and who did what to raise the money with links back to your site if applicable.


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  1. yorksnbeans says:

    Hi Bear! What a great idea. I already have you on my blogroll, but I will do a post for you, too! Good Luck and Happy Birthday! 🙂

  2. georgecomics says:

    Wow, great idea, and good luck to you. Well, I’m already following you via Twitter, but I’m glad to un-follow and re-follow you 😉

    Just kidding. Way too much work.

  3. George says:

    You’re a good man, Bearman. I’ll do what I can to help you and the charity along when I get settled in from all of this packing, flying, and moving. I wish this charity the ultimate success.

  4. George says:

    ??? Happy Birthday, B! I hope you enjoy it thoroughly!

  5. If I take your link off my blogroll and put it back on, how much will you donate?? I’m hoping at least $1.14. Happy BDay Bear!!!

  6. Thanks all for the encouragement. Remember those of you one twitter can RT my posts and RJ, I’ll do $2 if you announce that you took me off and then put me back on. ha ha

  7. Eolai says:

    I’ll be adding you to my blogroll, and I should manage a RT before that (from @AmericanHell )

  8. Nate Fakes says:

    Awesome to hear about! I’ll do what I can on this end

  9. NobblySan says:

    Good on yer, Bearman – Someone who not only cares, but actually does something about it is a rare beast indeed.

    I’ll concoct a post on The Mad Hatters, just as soon as I’ve finished composing a begging letter on behalf of the shortarsed mechanical engineer’s benevolent fund.

  10. I just started following you on Twitter. Great work!!

  11. Thanks all. Nobbly…I need to start using “arsed” more often.

  12. alantru says:

    Good stuff bearman, I’m following you on twitter and posted your link in the SD thread and will do so in the next one as well.

    Well done!

  13. alantru says:

    P.S. Happy B’day!

  14. OK Bearman. I did all of the above, and I threw in a post on Facebook as a bonus. My birthday’s this month too. You have to keep us posted how much you donate when it’s all said and done.

  15. Well, as you can see above I posted a blog about this – great cause – eating is a necessity not a luxury. I twittered as well as put it on myspace and facebook with a request for people to repost it in addition to helping out. I’ll ask a couple of blogger friends to do the same.

  16. Oops, I forgot to say I added you to my blogroll as well. I also submitted this post to Yahoo, Google, Delicious, Newsvine, Digg, Technorati, BlogCatalog, Reddit, Stumbleupon, and Faves. Hope it helps!

  17. But of course 🙂

  18. Grumpy Geek says:

    You were already on my blogroll, but I updated to your new domain. Following you on Twitter (although not my primary Twitter ID, I keep various online identities carefully separated.) I will probably throw up a post tomorrow since I just posted one.

  19. Sweats Model says:

    Hey Bear! Great idea!
    With much pride, I have added you to my blogroll!

  20. George says:

    I just posted a blog about your Drive, B. Sorry I was so late. My apology is in the mail.

    Good continued luck and success!

  21. Sheila Deeth says:

    Just came here from Second Wind Publishing, following on twitter and added you to my blogroll. Thanks Second Wind for the introduction.

  22. Rohfun says:

    great idea


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