Bearman Cartoon: Misdirection the UK Version

A few days ago I published an editorial cartoon about how the US government is wasting taxpayer money but wants us to be angry at AIG for doing the same.  One of my frequent commenters, Woman in Black, is from Britain and had this to say

“Is it possible to offer us Brits an Anglicised version (Royal Bank of Scotland and Gordon Brown)? We are a simple race, and need things spelled out to us.”

Then she said no one knows what Gordon Brown looks like.  Across the pond their Uncle Sam is known as John Bull.  so for you WIB…I present  (I did it down and dirty and quick so not quite up to my crap standards.):

3 25 09 Bearman Cartoon Misdirection UK Versiion copy

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11 Responses to “Bearman Cartoon: Misdirection the UK Version”

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  1. Very nice Bearman. I’m sure that WIB will appreciate your efforts…

  2. womaninblack says:

    Hooray! NOW I get it!
    And thankfully for you, there were no facial shots, so you didn’t need to depict the world famous ‘British teeth’. That would have kept you busy for a few days.
    Proof that Bearman is international. I’d give you a tip, but my cash was tied up with an Icelandic bank and the RBS.
    WIB x

  3. George says:

    Great way to customize to your fan base! You da (bear) man!

  4. tannerleah says:

    Still no Chinamen…just sayin’

  5. RBS did a lot of screw-up here in India too 🙂 you should have seen the way they launched here as the saviors of Indian sub continent and all, it was a kind of funny, when we saw the bank go down, some of the billboards are still up 🙂

  6. Definitely I’ll do that.

  7. 25BAR says:

    That’s the story everywhere!
    Isn’t it?

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