Retro Bearman Cartoon: Hypocrites

Drew this editorial cartoon back in 2006 and titled it hypocrites. Can’t remember what spurred me in the news to do this.  But I do remember my conservative friends commenting on it and arguing that the person on death row had a choice based on his actions.

Retro Bearman Cartoon: Hypocrites

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  1. tannerleah says:

    You hit it square on the head. Politicos are the worst people on earth…second only to religous freaks (although they are often the same person).

  2. Funny stuff. You have a cool blog.

  3. Saqib Ali says:

    hmmm. Death penalty is for murderers, rapists and people who rape children. Pro-choice effects unborn innocent babies. Two very different issues in my opinion…….

    • Saqib…thanks for visiting. I mentioned the same thing in my post.

      Jelly…thanks for stopping by.

      Tanner…I disagree. I know very religious people who have taken both sides and I know very religious people who have an opinion but don’t force it on others.

  4. I like it bearman…

    sure to kick start a lot of discusison. Nice work

  5. lol. thats pretty funny. true. so true. weird how that works.

  6. George says:

    I’m Pro-Bearman myself. Keep up the great cartoons! I love the way you spark feelings with your work and still be entertaining.

  7. womaninblack says:

    I’d wear it, bearman. Especially if you had a line of matching hats.

  8. womaninblack says:

    (in black only. with black writing)

  9. student says:

    Should terminating life be decided on the terminated’s prior behavior or on the convenience of eliminating the terminated?

  10. student says:

    Convenience may be part of the death penalty too.

    Should convenience alone be allowed to justify the death penalty?

  11. student says:

    Any (future) cartoons about the convenient (maybe avoided embarrassment or improved economic setting) abortion?

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