Spiderman the Musical?

Looks like superhero movies are yesterday.  The start date for Spider-Man: Turn off the Dark on Broadway is set for Feb 18, 2010.  Music and Lyric by none other than Bono and The Edge of U2.  Hey it worked for Elton John so why not Bono.  Besides Disney found new life for its characters on Broadway, so will it be too long before we Superman Cirque Du Soleil?

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  1. George says:

    I heard about this musical, and all I can say is “seeing is believing”. I can’t imagine how they’re gonna pull it off, but if they were able to convince several hundred other people that this was a good, viable idea to invest time and money in, then there may be something to it.

    Although I really would have envisioned “Spidey On Ice” becoming more of a reality. 🙂

    • I don’t know. The key would be creating a rig that could make spidey fly over the audience on his web would be something to see. Haven’t seen it but supposedly Chitty Chitty Bang Bang was able to fly the car over the audience. As long as it doesn’t look like Peter pan.

  2. Michael says:

    Sounds expensive! I am always reminded of the conversation bw Steven Spielberg and Andrew LLoyd Webber, Webber asking Spielberg how much money the movies generate. Per Spielberg “Well, ET made $800 million”, Webber “$800 million, hardly seems worth the effort”.

    • Wikipedia says that Phantom of the Opera has raked in about $5 Billion dollars. Now ET was made for only $10.5 Million so it made 76 times its cost. So as long as all the production costs of Phantom in all the places is less than $65 million, Weber would be right, but somehow I doubt it.

  3. Michael says:

    Good point, and though the margins may differ, which would you rather have, for example, 50% profit on a $5 billion gate, or 90% profit on a $700 million gate? I know what UConn coach Jim Calhoun would pick!

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