Jerry Dowling Published Book on Pete Rose

When you think about Cincinnati cartoonists, most people think of recently retired Jim Borgman.  But for those of us who have a Jerry Dowling  original hanging in our house or eat at Arthurs on occassion, Jerry also is a Cincinnati cartooning icon.

For years he worked at the Cincinnati Enquirer and has focused mainly on single panel sports cartoons.  In the past several years, his work can still be seen weekly in the local indie paper City Beat.  He has pulled together his years of doing Pete Rose cartoons – from the Big Red Machine to the Big Ugly Banishment – and put them in a book with baseball writer Hal McCoy called Drawing Pete.   You can read an article about it from co-author Hal McCoy by following this link.

I know you can get it at Amazon (click picture) or at local Cincinnati book retailers.

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  1. Michael says:

    That’s cool. Quite a ride for Pete Rose and what an interesting way to diarize it, through cartoons over the years. Love baseball, and as a long suffering Montreal Expo/Washington National fan my favorite player is Andre Dawson, who is not getting his due for the Hall in my opinion.

    • Actually never was a big Rose fan but given the era of steroids, his actions don’t look so bad. If we are allowing roid users to be decided by the writers, then Rose should be as well.

      Is Expo stadium still standing? What do they do with it?

  2. Michael says:

    That thing was the BIGGEST white elephant ever! It was financed with an interest schedule that implied it would never be paid for, ever. It had the worst Astroturf in the game that ruined Andre Dawsons knees. It had no atmosphere for a ball game. Then the roof started to fall onto the field.

  3. It seemed cool when I saw it in 1998.

  4. i’ll be honest bearman. i’m gonna tell you like it is… when i think of cinncinati cartoonists… NOTHING comes to mind. should it?

  5. George says:

    Well, you are the only Cinncinati cartoonist I’ve known, Bearman. It’s good to see you showin’ love to one of your homies. I’ll have to look into him cause I like his style and you give good recommendations.

  6. The book is available online at the Publishers’ web site –


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