How to do an easy Random Drawing using Excel

As I wrapped up the Christopher Hart Cartoon Faces Book Giveaway, I thought I share with my readers a tutorial on “How to do an easy Random Drawing using Excel.”  If ever you don’t want to print out entry chits and draw by hand, these five easy steps will make […]

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Mad Art of Caricature and Made for Art

So I was excited to get the mail this week and find my ordered copy of Tom Richmond’s The Mad Art of Caricature.   For the uninformed, Tom is one of the regular artists for Mad Magazine along with a host of other projects.  Pretty much most of the movie/tv […]

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Testing New Social Links

Thought I would join the world of bloggers who have social media buttons on their posts.  But of course I had to make some of my own for my favorites.  Many of you already have seen my Tweet This button to allow readers add any article to Twitter (directions here).  […]

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