Retro Cartoon: Campaign Promises

I did this editorial cartoon about 2 years ago after an election. In the states, the landscape is cluttered with yard signs that promote candidates and issues in the month leading up to the election. While the volunteers are quick to put up the signs they are slow to remove […]

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Retro Editorial Cartoon: Halloween and Politicians

October 31 around here doesn’t only mean Halloween. It means an election is right around the corner. This is the time the politicians and lobbyists pick it up on the rhetoric, scare tactics and door-to-door visits. I did this one in 2007. Follow me via TWITTER updates. or share this […]

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Bearman Cartoon: Iran Recount (the toon)

I told you the other day about a toon I drew based on an idea from  Jeff Jena that went along with an article he wrote for  Big Hollywood. So in case you missed the toon in the link, here it is:   Follow me via TWITTER updates. Don’t forget your […]

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