Shark er Shart Week on Discovery

8 9 13 Bearman Cartoons Shark Week Shart Week

  I have to be honest with today’s cartoon.  I have never been into Shark Week on Discovery Channel.  Sure I have watched some of the programs but after a while they all seem the same.  Yet the ratings each year are great so they keep rolling it in year […]

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Coffee, Tea or Depends

I worked on this editorial cartoon before I read that they are pulling back on the regulations but it still is a harsh reminder of how the Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) can have a knee jerk reaction. After the failed terror attempt on a Northwest Flight last week the following […]

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WTF: Caganer Pooping Christmas Statue

I have been to Spain. I have been to Spain at Christmas.  Unlike the crappy manger scenes that Americans make that is limited to the manger only, in Spain they make a scene of the entire town with the manger being only a part of it. And while in America, […]

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