Shark er Shart Week on Discovery

8 9 13 Bearman Cartoons Shark Week Shart Week

  I have to be honest with today’s cartoon.  I have never been into Shark Week on Discovery Channel.  Sure I have watched some of the programs but after a while they all seem the same.  Yet the ratings each year are great so they keep rolling it in year […]

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Rent Textbooks & Binky Caricatures

Third and fourth winners of my 500th post caricature contest are up today.  First is the loveable Binky from Peter Marinacci’s Wombania.   Peter was too shy for a caricature so he asked the rocket and chocolate loving Binky to stand in for him. Next up is the person that […]

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Guest Cartoon: Nef of Midtoon

I have them coming out of the woodwork to support the Charity Challenge this year.  Neftali Rivera (Nef) of Midtoon Comics fame presented me with this gem.  Unfortunately life has gotten in the way of Nef updating Midtoon as of late, but I truly appreciate his support in my challenge. […]

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Bearman Cartoon: Where’s George

Noel Curry of DJ Bogtrotter fame had a challenge to cartoonists to do a cartoon without dialogue.  He designated May 14 as Dialogue Free Comic Day.  This is what I originally planned to post as he said dialogue on signs, etc was OK.  But I came up with one that […]

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