How President Donald Trump Negotiates (Cartoon)


If you pay attention to President Donald Trump you will notice a pattern in his negotiation tactics.  He will have a point of view that is unchangeable and if he gets any resistance to that point of view he will act out (or tweet out) to an extreme position.  This forces any negotiations to pull to his favor.  Sometimes this works out (North Korea) and sometimes it doesn’t (The Wall/Immigration).  If he moves to a “10” as the cartoon suggests on immigration, he is assuming the Democrats will give him the money for his border wall and then he will back off on the extremes with mass deportations and separating families at the border.

What he didn’t expect was the backlash not only from his same party but seemingly from his own household.  But keep in mind this negotiation style will continue on trade and other political footballs.

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  1. Jack Kent says:

    It’s how he gets deals on orange body paint.

  2. Binky says:

    The “Give me everything I want or I’ll hold my breath!” negotiation style.

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