Miley Cyrus is a VMA BEARMANiac

Miley Cyrus VMA 2013 Bear Outfit Bearman Cartoons BearmaniacPoor poor Miley Cyrus.  She is just trying to do her best at the MTV VMAs (Video Music Awards) to prove on a grand stage how much of a BEARMANiac she is and the world makes fun of her.  Sure I have some extreme fans but you shouldn’t treat them like they are on drugs or something.

See the performance here courtesy of MTV:

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55 Responses to “Miley Cyrus is a VMA BEARMANiac”

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  1. George Ford says:

    Hahaha! You nailed it with this one. I can certainly see the similarities. Everyone should know that Bearmaniacs are totally outta their minds. That’s what makes being one so much fun.

    But, at least, she made Ben Affleck happy by taking all the pressure off’a him after this horrific weekend. I wonder if he paid her for this. 😀

    • All BEARMANiacs are completely out of their mind…that is why I have to protect them.

      Hahah…could be. Ben Affleck – Batman – Comic – Beetlejuice – Robin Thicke – Miley.

      All connected.

  2. David Hurley says:

    You did really good on this drawing Bearman!

  3. Love it – this is awesome! Totally awesome spin on an otherwise totally AWK performance! 😉

  4. Comedy Plus says:

    Skank. Double Skank. I think I did a little throw up in the back of my throat. You rock, her not so much.

    Have a terrific day. 🙂

  5. Mark Stokes says:

    Now all that gyrating makes complete sense!

  6. buddhakat says:

    Oh Yeah… and I bet her parents were REEEEEAAAAALLLLL proud of THAT performancce!

    Thank goodness Bearman came to the rescue!!!


  7. lisleman says:

    Now that you checked off those items on your list, I see what you mean. Congrats on your newest fan. Oh I only have the crazy hair going for me.
    One more thing, how’s your twerking lessons going?

  8. Red Dwyer says:

    I need eye bleach. No wonder I do not watch television.

  9. DadaHyena says:

    Makes sense to me!

  10. benzeknees says:

    Don’t know why, but I can’t get the video here. It says it’s not available in my area. Maybe because I’m in Canada?

  11. Moana says:

    errrr… I am curious about the drawing and so I watch the video.

  12. Christina says:

    I knew you had to be the one behind her behavior. (Pun intended)

  13. Tony McGurk says:

    She’s a definite Bearman-iac. I can’t see the video as it says “Not available in your country”
    She should’ve dyed her hair green though

  14. Binky says:

    You’re a lot more famous than I thought! I guess I should show you more respect.

  15. Julian says:

    Oh, this makes sense now. I take back all of the thing I said about her and would like to replace them with references to how much I also like Bearman.

  16. It would’ve gone over better if she had dyed her hair green.

  17. Bo Lumpkin says:

    I didn’t watch the video but I have read a lot about how awful and trashy it was. I guess fame and popularity cause you to lose your mind. I think I am safe but you better be careful, if the Bearmaniac groupies keep increasing you are going to go crazy too.
    Next thing you know we will be hearing on the news how they found you “Nekkid and sangin’ on the windmill” or somethin’.

  18. Jande says:

    I think I stained my brain with that video by clicking on a mashup of it and a comedy TV show that people on twitter seem to like a lot (sorry can’t remember the name).

    So, I’m with Red on this one. Makes me really glad I don’t own a TV. :`P

  19. Bill Murphy says:

    Let’s hear it for Bearman’s #1 fan.
    Hip, hip, ho-hum…

  20. Dave says:

    There’s only room enough for one exposed tongue on this blog.

    Poor Miley. She needs perspective on life. I’m sure people are willing to love her without her trying so hard.

    It’s sad.

  21. Joseph says:

    I like your drawing Bearman.

    This was the first time I saw Miley’s performance. I don’t know what the big deal is. I don’t think it was a good performance. No artistic merit. The whole thing seemed stupid to me. I guess I don’t get it but I will never want to get this garbage.

  22. Lei says:

    i watched her performance. horrible but i guess she gets bonus points for the bearman reference 😉

    BEARMAN’S #1 FAN!!!!!

  23. jynksie says:

    She got what she wanted out of it. AND yes, it was a Beargasm for you wasn’t it?!? [smirk]

    As with most celebrities, what they do, why it has relevance is beyond me. I want to know what scientists are discovering, or politicians are destroying… Alex Baldwin having a hissy fit or Miley Cyrus shaking her ass crack, at the end of the day, offers nothing to the human experience, other than noise and mindlessness.

  24. Howard says:

    I should have noticed the resemblance right away.

  25. frigginloon says:

    You are suck a twerk 🙂

  26. Tyler says:

    Seems legit. She even had bears. Next, she’ll get a sex change so she can be a bear man.

  27. Andro says:

    Did someone mention drooling then? 🙂 lol
    A great cartoon Bearman but then ALL of your
    cartoons rock my great friend 🙂

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