The Frustrated Cartoonist – At 100

Our final selection is from Nate Fakes.  He draws, might draw, used to draw the Frustrated Cartoonist.  Hell, I don’t know.  You see Nate has hit the big time with Mad Magazine as well and will have a recurring strip going forward.  He swears that doesn’t mean the end of his Frustrated Cartoonist character Jim, but given how he drew him at 100, I think it might be a sign.

The Frustrated Cartoonist is Jim who longs to be like Nate and actually get paid to do his craft.  Yet like all of us frustrated cartoonists, he has to manage a day job to pay the bills.  That and his girlfriend and neighbors seem to cut into actual cartooning time.  Anyone who has ever had a hobby that they eventually wanted to become a career will relate.

So I give you the slow progression of age of Jim.

Aging Jim

So thanks Nate and thanks to all the great cartoonists for helping me out.  I look forward to reading all the comments.

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  1. John K says:

    hopefully Nate isn’t about to do this in TFC!

  2. spilledinkguy says:

    We can hope that Jim needs to age into that oldest version of … Jimness (and at a much slower rate) on TFC before the party is over!

  3. D. Long says:

    Nice age progression! Dark as well. I’d recommend doing a skull in the end. That would be darker. What’s wrong with me.

  4. georgeford says:

    Wow! That looks like a believable version of a geriatric Jim. 🙂

  5. frigginloon says:

    I didn’t know a cartoonist’s head shrinks with age…I thought it got bigger 🙂

  6. Nate Fakes says:

    Thanks Bearman for posting my aging Jim, and thank you guys for enjoying it. Jim’s going through a rough area of his strip right now, but he’ll either bounce back, or else his head will shrivel up and shrink like depicted above.

  7. RIP TFC. Say it ain’t so, Nate! Jim’s outlook isn’t looking so good.

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