Best of 2011 Recap

If are new to Bearman Cartoons, you can save yourself time digging through the archives by reviewing the best of 2011.  If you aren’t new, take a trip down memory lane with me. Top Posts (by Visits) Why Occupy Wall Street People are Rightfully Pissed  – Nothing like taking on a […]

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Charity Challenge Week Two Results

Here is the week two breakdown: $2 each for 0 new followers on Facebook  (That is zero for you math buffs) $2 each for @francisbonnet, @robbieandbobby, @JonCDraws, @bobbyjkane, @ChickenChunkie, @Tim_the_Sheep, @CupcakeGothic, @caricaturekerry, @claytoonz, @costa_kout, @mikeroth, @brewsterrockit, @Neogrupo, @manninschool, @SalesmanTrainer, @EdwardLHeld, @RichardC, @robotfriday, @Tiffanyls36, @vipercomics, @AMAnet, @BogartsShows, @guyhodge for following me on Twitter. $10 each for including […]

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