G is for Gorilla


G is for Gorilla.  The highly endangered gorillas of Africa are today’s Animal Alphabet entry.  Gorillas live in groups which are led by an older male Silverback, which gets its name from the gray hair that grows on their back as a male ages.  I too can attest to this […]

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By now if you haven’t heard the news that the Cincinnati Zoo had to make the unfortunate decision to kill their gorilla Harambe in order to save a child’s life, what rock are you living under??   Sadly not the kind of news that Cincinnati needs or deserves. While Thane […]

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Rampage Cincinnati

Rampage Cincinnati by Bearman Cartoons

Anyone remember the video game Rampage?   It was one of my favorites.   So one of my ideas lately is to combine some pictures of Cincinnati with monsters.   Last year on our staycation the wife and I went on top of Carew Tower (for years was the tallest […]

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