Naughty Superman

Frequent commenter Myra has an odd collection of items at her blog Gimrack Hospital.  She is always presenting odd medical history facts, devices or throws us completely for a loop with her fetish or corset posts.   There is a post over at that talks about a new book that is a compilation […]

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Liz Lomax creates cool Caricature Sculptures

While perusing, I came across an entry about Liz Lomax.  Rather than the tradition pen and paper caricature, Liz uses clay figures placed against backgrounds that she adjusts in photoshop for the finished product.    Pretty amazing stuff.    Couldn’t get the video to embed her but you can see a […]

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Free Font of your own Handwriting

Thanks to this great tip at, there is a online tool called where you can create a font of your own handwriting. A great tool, especially for cartoonists who do all/most of their work on the computer. All you need to do is go to the website (or […]

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