Team Cul De Sac Fighting Parkinsons

Seems like May is my month this year for causes.  Today is about Parkinson’s Disease.  Richard Thompson is the award winning cartoonist behind the syndicated strip Cul de Sac.  Upon learning that Richard was recently diagnosed with Parkinson’s, his friend Chris Sparks started learning about the disorder and reached out to his cartoonist/artist brethren to help.  The culmination is the book Team Cul de Sac – Cartoonists Draw the Line at Parkinson’s, with each cartoonist using Cul de Sac as an inspiration for their drawing.  You can preorder the book here.  Proceeds will benefit

What is more amazing is the who’s who of who stepped.  Dawn Griffin (Zorphbert and Fred) , Mort Walker (Beetle Bailey), Jim Borgman (Zits),  John Rose (Snuffy Smith).  But the  biggest name being talked about is Bill Watterson of Calvin and Hobbes fame.  Here is his donated work:

Watterson hasn’t publicly released any of his artwork since 1995 when he gave up doing Calvin and  Hobbes.  (And no he doesn’t endorse the Calvin pissing on Ford decals that are all over the place)   You can own the original artwork in an Auction currently going on until June 10 by Heritage Auctions.   Most are currently in the under $50 range so far but the Watterson painting is leading the pack at $2600.   Proceeds of book and auction will benefit the Michael J Fox Foundation.

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  1. Mark Stokes says:

    Lots of good stuff in this auction. That Watterson painting is tiny, I could have used it as a drink coaster, haha! Hope everybody will consider bidding.

  2. Red says:

    Parkinson’s is the killer in my family. I hope this book raises both awareness and much needed research money.

    Thank you, Bearman.

    • Bearman says:

      My father in law is suffering through this. Healthiest man…did yoga in the 70’s before any other guy, fit…and now it is robbing him of his vitality.

  3. I’m sure that Watterson painting will go for a fortune!

  4. wandering over to see if there is anything wonderful to add to my collection within my budget (fingers crossed). Wonderful, I love auctions!

  5. lisleman says:

    A good list of top cartoonists. I guess they keep in touch with one another and are willing to help with their talent.

  6. you are one beautiful soul,
    i hope auction goes well and raises all the money required for R&D

  7. DadaHyena says:

    Hey, Watterson is back! Awesome.

    …but we’ll be seeing Bearman’s contribution in there, right? RIGHT?!

  8. Comedy Plus says:

    Way cool and I’ll bet that piece of artwork will go for way more than that. Awesome and a great cause too. My father died from complications of Parkinson’s. Ugly stuff.

    Have a terrific day. 🙂

  9. Deb says:

    You are just too awesome, Bearman!
    I hope the action goes very well!

  10. Bo Lumpkim says:

    Thanks for your caring spirit Bearman. You always seem to jump on the bandwagon and help to fight any disease. There are so many devestating diseases and Parkinsons is one, and it is heart breaking to see people suffer. Keep up the good work friend.

  11. Friggin Loon says:

    Great cause for such an atrocious disease.

  12. Binky says:

    Nice that so many cartoonists got together and did this for him.

  13. Scott says:

    So that’s who the pissing boy is–I always thought he looked familiar, but never could place him!

    My maternal grandmother had serious Parkinson’s in her old age–it was so painful for her. They’re heroes tackling such a horrible affliction!

    • Bearman says:

      Yes…people steal the Calvin character all the time. Now I see recently he ended up in the form of a sushi bento box. Need to find that picture.

  14. Fortunately I don’t think I personally know anyone with that terrible disease… it’s absolutely heartbreaking to see what it does to people…
    (just like everyone else I LOVE the Bill Watterson piece…)

  15. James says:

    You’re like a superhero of web comics. Always promoting worthy causes.

  16. starla says:

    Wonderful cause I think it’s great that you are willing to champion these great causes. There is such a need for good medical change. I’ll have to check out the book!

  17. DrFaust says:

    you truly are a gentleman and the nicest guy on the web! I love your passion bearman and your drive to make a difference.

  18. Lynn says:

    Love, Love, Love it! Awesome post. Parkinson’s is a devastating disease that wreaks havoc on the nervous system. I wish Richard Thomson all the best in his battle. It sounds like he has so much support from true friends who care.

    Bearman, I for one enjoy reading about inspirational people. It inspires the philanthropist in all of us whether it be giving cash donations or donations of a another kind, like giving of our time.

    I think it’s beautiful when people in need medically, spiritually or financially have someone to reach out to because there are so many who have no one. “Team Cul de Sac – Cartoonists Draw the Line at Parkinson’s” is such a creative(title) idea and Chris Sparks is an absolute (friend) genius for putting this all together! I wish the project much success, thanks for bringing it to my attention. I will now go and take a look at the link for myself to see if I can be of support in any way.:-)

    • Bearman says:

      Thanks Lynn. HOpefully it gives you some ideas and inspiration for your own project.

      • Lynn says:

        I find inspiration everywhere these days. You have inspired me from day one. Just so you know, I will be away for about a month. We’re probably going to be away from internet for about a month beginning next week. Just throwing that out there. Still trying to decide whether or not to put it on my blog.

        • Bearman says:

          Well you could just put it here so I know why you are leaving me. You need one of those Satellite phones so you can stay connected in the boonies.

  19. This RAWKS! This will be a great thing to gain some attention. I am now paying attention.

  20. This is amazing Bearman. You are honestly a standard Bear-er for the finest causes. Thank you for passing this along, as well as all of your much needed calls to worthy charitable causes.

  21. Bearman: Saving the world one webcomic at a time! Nice!

  22. Jenn says:

    I never ever knew all this, I learn so much from your blogs, Bearman!

  23. Tony McGurk says:

    We have an elderly friend who has Parkinsons, it’s terrible to see the debilitating effects it has on him.

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