Cartoon Roundup

So I have been busy behind the scenes doing cartoons and contributing elsewhere so I thought I would give a roundup of my busy busy life.

First, the Webcomic Alliance, periodically puts out sketch challenges.  A few weeks ago it was “Your favorite Marvel or DC Characters in the classic, “Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil”.”  Now of course I went off template and included some of my favorite cartoon characters that I thought would fill the role perfectly.

See No Evil Hear no Evil

Then our friend Ahmnodt Heare put on his annual “Draw Ahmnodt Week” Challenge.  Never mind that only two of us submitted entries.  But here is my donation to the cause.

Ahmnodt Heare

Finally Gav over at Boys Will Be Boys put on a cartoon caption contest.  Not only is he yet another Aussie friend (I don’t know how you all find me) but he has good taste and I WON!!  Here was my winning original signed and sent along with a nice message that I received in the mail yesterday.

Boys Will Be Boys Caption Contest

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  1. Nate Fakes says:

    Jeez, Bearman, busy enough?

  2. Friggin Loon says:

    Mutley is my all time favorite cartoon character.
    That must be one of your funniest cartoons yet Bearman. Could have at least shaved his pits …oh and squeezered his butt 🙂

  3. Dan says:

    You are the busiest man in webcomics!

  4. Lisa says:

    Hilarious. I especially liked the guy wearing his wife’s underwear, but Mr. Magoo is so precious.

  5. Leila says:

    No! You got it wrong! Pooh bear’s honey jars actually have the label “Hunny” on them! >:(

    haha i’m kidding about the pedantry. Anyways congratulations! i think your submission on comic book characters is very cute! And that win is well-deserved.

    • Bearman says:

      Pendantry – slavish attention to rules, details, etc.

      Keep hanging out here and I am going to expand my English vocab immensely.

      I think Pooh stole someone else’s Honey jar b/c he didn’t know the correct sizing and thus got it stuck on his head. OK…it’s a stretch…but I’ll come up with any excuse not to be wrong.

      • Leila says:

        I’m pretty sure Pooh’s head gets stuck in a honey jar regardless of whether it’s his or not (his butt gets stuck too as we’ve seen from the Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh). They never explained whether it’s because of his rapid weight gain or the honey’s agglutinative nature.

        haha ok i’m done fake arguing.

        • Bearman says:

          “agglutinative” Now you are just bragging.

          • Leila says:

            haha of course I am 😛 my former caption on my blog was “to give an ostentatious display.” I aim just to do that. I’m going to respond to your comment here since I don’t like commenting on my own blog (I hope you don’t mind)

            I think falling in love with your other “self” is more logical than opposites attract (which is obviously a physics law and nothing more). In reality, people don’t consciously know who they really are, so it makes sense that the person they have an affinity (or more specifically a feeling of kinship, or to be attuned to one’s self) with is the person they love. By being with that person, they come closer to self discovery. As Rainer Maria Rilke said, “Who’s not sat tense before his own heart’s curtain?” Which means self-discovery is a matter of trepidation, not of celebration (who, afterall, wants to see their “bad” side?). Being with the person you love attenuates the aforementioned anxiety because you’re given an elucidated idea of identity. Of course that’s just my speculation. I don’t know if that’s how it really turned out with you.

          • Bearman says:

            “I don’t know if that’s how it really turned out with you” Not as philisophical as all that. Just people who aren’t just like me and like what I like and laugh at what I laugh at….get on my nerves after so long.

            Besides…she puts up with my crap.

          • Bo Lumpkin says:

            I am goin’ to have to retreat to the Chanticleer Domicile, and ponder some of these thoughts that are truly not in the venacular of the common laymon. In the vernacular of the common layman, I need to go over to the Rooster Roost (my mancave) and think about all this fancy language.

          • Bearman says:

            Bo I just nod my head and act like I know what it means.

  6. Binky says:

    Pooh & Magoo should open a detective agency (who could resist calling up Pooh & Magoo?). They probably wouldn’t solve any cases, but they’d look good bumbling around together.

  7. G says:

    Oh yeah, see no evil (1600 Pennsylvania Aveue); Hear no evil (1600 Pennsylvania Avenue) and speak no evil (Ummm, terrorists? we don’t have terrorists, we have “enemy combatants” and as such should be tried in a civilian court…yup, you guessed it, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue).

  8. that caption fits perfectly…unlike the panties.

  9. DadaHyena says:

    I’ve always been good at the “Mutley laugh”.

    …and if he’s the leader of this group, would that make them the Mutley Crue?

  10. Colleen Dick says:

    Man I should have gotten in on the Ahmnodt Heare action. I had in mind to draw him as mystery avatar with a silhouette fedora and a big ?? for the face Cuz he is nodt HEARE. But I thought hundreds of people would submit and I probably wasn’t the first to think of that, and well, my life has been a little “interesting” lately too, (but only to me, so I won’t bore you.) So the deadline passed and only two people actually did it. DAMN! But I do have another DUIF all inked and ready to digitize.

  11. nursemyra says:

    That last cartoon is scary….

  12. Tony McGurk says:

    They are all great. I can relate to the 3rd one. I once put Michelle’s nightie on & walked out into the lounge room to give the kids a laugh when they were young. Unfortunately they told everyone we knew that “Dad wears Mum’s nightie”. Sheesh, can’t have a bit of cross dressing fun in private

  13. 25BAR says:

    Excellent choice of characters!

  14. Bo Lumpkin says:

    This is good stuff Bearman. I love the caption and the comic both.

  15. MJ says:

    Ha, good stuff Bearman. I can always count on the funny here!

  16. I totally missed the last comic too, I would die laughing if anyone of my friends did this to their girl or wife.

  17. Gruff Guano says:

    Sublime drawing skills. You definitely won.

    Although I admit that the other guy that sent in something for the Ahmnodt challenge, also made me laugh.

  18. of course i had to stop by and send hugs and love to my favorite bear out in the Internets.

    cus i’m all about this day and what it represents.

  19. Jillsy Girl says:

    Great job on Ahmnodt and those sexy arm pits!

  20. George says:

    I love the caption drawing the best! That is hilarious! Good job, Busyman, on the three cartoon characters. You did great on those. I don’t know how you expect me to keep up with your enormous output.

  21. Mel says:

    I can’t believe I got the silver medal in the draw Ahmnodt Heare contest! Simply amazing 🙂

  22. Lol, that’s no evil.
    It’s just the entrance to the wine cellar.
    The honey pot appears to be stuck, can’t drink wine if it’s stuck. lol

  23. lisleman says:

    I like the first one and last one. I have no idea of the middle one.
    On the last one – are those regular characters in the strip? I noticed the armpit hair to apparently clue the reader that he is a boy wearing his sister’s underwear. But there are cultures (used to be anyway) where women don’t shave their armpits, so I think the boy should have been drawn a little tougher instead.

  24. This very well may be my favorite cartoon that you’ve ever done Bearman. I love the references and I’ve always had a thing for the ‘evil’ monkeys. Great job!

  25. Hilarious. Love the composition and the expression on the girl. Great work.

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