Caricature Winner and things I’ve won!

Well the entries have been culled and a winner drawn in my first Caricature contest. The winner was

DUNCAN from MadHatters.  Congratulations to Duncan.  I will soon have his mug in caricature form for the world to enjoy.

In other news I have the recipient of several gifts over the last few months that I wanted to show off.

First was from Jillsy Girl (Formerly Just Jill, formerly YNB) as a prize for one of her many contests.  Check out her incredible photography site. I got to choose my favorite photo and here it is on display on my computer monitor.

Second is an entire printed series of the great Callous Comics by DR (as in medical) Carlo Jose San Juan.  I have it proudly displayed next to my guest cartoon that I did for him a few months ago.

Finally, one of the projects I have been working on during my hiatus was to create some posters for  friends who will be front row at WWE Monday Night Raw.    So maybe if they get on camera, I’ll have my work shown worldwide. (not that it isn’t already) but you know what I mean.  Here is just one of the images I made of fan favorite Randy Orton who has a finishing move called the RKO.   I’ll post more later in the week.

Randy Orton - RKO ME

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56 Responses to “Caricature Winner and things I’ve won!”

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  1. congratulaions to duncan.
    Caricatures is something i must try out

  2. susi spice says:

    duncan???? but he already looks like a caricature that wont be much of a challenge… 😛

    haha i kill me!

  3. jb says:

    Cool stuff. Congrads to the winners. By the way Your Orton poster looks pretty sweet. I like the Undertaker and Cena myself.

  4. DadaHyena says:

    Wonderful how the internet ties us all together.

    …frightening, too.

  5. Friggin Loon says:

    WTF, Duncan won? How could that possibly be, he has less friends than me!!!!!

    You have friends who like wrestling? Blahahahahahahahahahaha

  6. Tony says:

    How did Duncan win??? I obviously didn’t like/unlike enough….

  7. gallowaygrave says:

    Congrats duncan, maybe sympathy when bearman finishes with you!

  8. jammer5 says:

    Great posters. And while I never watch wrestling, I may have to imbibe this Monday and see if your poster is displayed in all its glory 🙂 Assuming, of course, it doesn’t interfere with MNF . . .

  9. jillsy says:

    Congrats to Duncs! Characters welcome as they say on TBS! What’s that supposed to mean…don’t ask me…it just sounded like a good comment.

    Anyhoo….thanks for the wonderful shout-out. You’re too sweet! Yes, guys, he IS, even though he will deny it to the end.

  10. Bo Lumpkin says:

    Bait them and reel them in Bearman. You are the only one I know who can throw stuff out to get participation and get more comments on your site while you are away than most of us do working hard at it day and night. Just kidding. I know how hard you work at it because I visit most of the sites you do.

    • Bearman says:

      Then again I didn’t stop commenting elsewhere on this break. I bet if I comments would dry up like the sahara. haha

      • Bo Lumpkin says:

        I have been doing some math. I leave more comments than I get hits on my comic. I did notice that you were your ever present self while you were on break. I don’t know about everyone else but I really appreciate all you do to help the rest of us.

  11. @Duncan – Please have Bearman draw me instead. It’s my Make a Wish (I watch their telethon every year, so I feel like I’m basically in the program). It’s the honorable thing to do.

  12. George says:

    I’m proud of ya, Bearman! You steadily keep irons in the fire. I would love to attend a WWE event. I bet it’s way more raucous than what you see on TV. I hope your posters take over the show.

  13. WriterDood says:

    Nice work.
    I particularly like the duck.

  14. lisleman says:

    Congrats to Duncan but really we are all winners because we know about this great blog.
    OK now that I kissed-up I thought I might get a used pencil from the great cartoonist.

  15. bschooled says:

    Congrats, Duncan!

    Bearman, if I go to WWE Monday Night Raw will you make me a poster?

    ps. Do you know anyone who can get me a ticket for WWE Monday Night Raw?

    • Bearman says:

      Yes. And NO!! might have some depending on when you go. But I think you need to be in the front row so sell some of your towel sculpture and scalp some.

  16. SpilledInkGuy says:

    Looks like the Bear-Cave is full of some impressive treasures, Bearman! I salute you, sir! 🙂

  17. Rico Swaff says:

    Haha, I love that Orton cartoon.

  18. Nate Fakes says:

    Congrats to the winners! I need to step it up and win this thing next go-around!

  19. Gruff Guano says:

    Congratulations Duncan, nice win.

  20. That is really cool. Congrats. Keep up the good work!

  21. Ron-Yves says:

    Kudos to Duncan—you know what they say. ‘America Runs On Duncan…’

    Cheers Bearman 🙂

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