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Last month I wrote an article for Webcomic Planet, so to ease back in from my much deserved and needed break, I thought I would repost it here.

Raise your hand if you use Twitter to announce when you have posted a new comic/cartoon.  Raise you hand if you also like to submit your new post to sites such as Reddit, Digg, or StumbleUpon.
If you are a user of Twitter and a registered user of StumbleUpon there is a great but little known tool at your disposal that you can submit a link to both sites at the same time.  When posting your comic’s URL to twitter you either have to use a URL shortener like or allow Twitter to shorten it for you.  Instead, I recommend using to shorten your URLs. 
Make sure you are signed into both Twitter and StumbleUpon.  Once you have posted your latest cartoon, go to and type in your tweet along with the full URL of the post.   Then hit submit.  Your post will be submitted to both sites. 
Here is what really makes it impactful.  Now when someone clicks on your link in twitter they will go to your post on StumbleUpon where they can not only view your cartoon but also give it a “Thumbs Up”.  The more “Thumbs Up” you get, drives potentially more visitors. 
Even better is that has analytics of who retweeted your post.  If you are like me it can be difficult to determine if someone retweeted your post especially if they don’t use your twitter name.  With, anytime they use the shortened URL in a tweet, it will show up on analytics who sent out the message.
Hopefully this is a tool that is useful to you and please if you see the SU header in a post and you like it, take the second and give it a thumbs up.  Your fellow cartoonists will appreciate it.  And as always you can find me on twitter at @bearmancartoons.

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  1. frigginloon says:

    Hey you’re back and as lazy as ever …there’s the Bearman we know and love 🙂 . About friggin time. Hope you won’t be doing that again!

  2. Birds twitter, bloggers write (or do visual stuff anyway) in proper joined up writing…

    Welcome back BTW.

  3. Brogan says:

    That’s a bit of genuis that I forgot to use. Thanks again sir! Too late for today’s, but certainly not Wednesday’s strip. 🙂 P.S. Glad you’re back!

  4. Danica says:

    Welcome back Bearman!

  5. Bo Lumpkin says:

    Glad to have you back. Good article even though I don’t tweet or digg at my age I stumble alot…. Oh, you meant on the computer didn’t you.

  6. hmmm super cool…gonna check this out

  7. Tracy Brady says:

    Thanks for this post Bearman.. might I add that with the exception of Reddit, URL shorterners on sites are a great way to keep track of one’s traffic.

  8. spilledinkguy says:

    Welcome back from a well deserved break, Bearman!
    I hope hibernation was relaxing! 🙂

  9. duncanr says:

    Good to see you back in the land of the living – even if I didn’t understand a farking word you said !!! 😉

  10. just jill says:

    welcome back Bear! I don’t use either of them because….I just don’t get it!! 🙂

  11. bschooled says:

    So glad you’re back Bearman!

    (Although technically, I’m not back for another two weeks…so pretend you’re getting this two weeks from now.)

  12. Nate Fakes says:

    Does that work with Facebook? Good to know. I’ve never had any luck with Stumbleupon, Digg or any of those. I still am pretty clueless how some people get thousands of hits from those places.

  13. George says:

    Your StumbleUpon advice works wonders for me. I’ve seen a gradual increase in my viewership since I began utilizing it. Thanks for the heads-up, Bearman, and it’s good to see you again.

  14. Nef says:

    Every few days I get a few stumbles and every few updates I suddenly get an unexplained flurry from facebok. I still don’t know what triggers it. If I knew, I’d be able to reproduce it for every strip.

    Twitter doesn’t seem to work that well for me…

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