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Going to be away from the computer this week so no cartoons. Decided to give another shout out to a blog that I have come to enjoy. I found it as part of the blog roll at unemployeddad cartoon website.  Its called the Daily Elephant and it is written by a Chicagoan named Brit (may be short for Britney, Brittany, Britain, Encyclopedia Britannica…not sure).

Honestly, I am not sure what her blog is about…and apparently she doesn’t either (this blog really has no clear point or agenda”).  But that’s the fun in it.  From What Not to Buy for Valentines Day to talking up some “friend” of hers named Kenny, which we are all waiting for that day when she posts that she slept with Kenny in a senseless state of drunkenness.

Anyway…check it out (the four of you who come by my blog).

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  1. oh look at you! how splendidly delicious of you to write a whole post about little old me and my ridiculous rantings of my crazy life. THANK YOU so much!!! smooches. and the comment section hasn’t been quite the same without you – hurry back!

  2. Michael says:

    Lil’ Phant is a super polite blogger, she always responds to comments, gracious host and class act.

  3. Yeah, so am I number 3? Because I’m new and assumed I was number 5…

    Anyway, enjoy your time away

  4. well, ram i don’t know what you are talking about, but thank you michael. stop it, stop it you’re too much!

  5. Michael says:

    Hey! That was between me, Bearman and Bearmans readers! Stop being so nosy!

  6. Sorry. You referenced 4 regular readers and yet there were only two comments. So, I wasn’t sure if I was the 3rd regular reader? Because I’m a new reader and assumed that you weren’t counting me in your regular readership and that I was likely number 5….

    You know what, this isn’t helping…

    Now it just seems stupid even to me. Apologies.

  7. Well you are busy with all that government stuff so we’ll let it slide.

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