Super Bowl Ratings Decline


Super Bowl Ratings Decline.  That is the headlines I predict on Monday.  How many people have gone to a Super Bowl game and when the play stops and the commercials start, everyone is told to quiet down so people can hear the TV.  Companies spend millions of dollars both on […]

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A Different View of Net Neutrality


I have a different view of Net Neutrality than most based on what I have read.  That being said I am always open to additional info to sway me back to the masses belief that what the FCC has been proposing of late and the deal between Netflix and Comcast […]

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Gangnam Style Takes over Justin Bieber

So Korean pop sensation PSY’s video for his song Gangnam Style has just surpassed Justin Bieber’s Baby video as the most watched on YouTube.   Now I am not a Justin Bieber hater like most.  In fact if you look at the stats, he has more unlikes on his YouTube […]

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She has my Vote!!

Over the last year, I have found many webcomic comrades via twitter and others blog rolls.  It is rare though that I find someone else who does editorial cartoons and blogs as well.  Alex Raffi is a Nevada illustrator and editorial cartoonist.   Check out his site for some great stuff.  The […]

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The Gloomers

Sorry I have been a turd about posting and responding to comments this week. I have been working some things as part of a new project I am contributing to that launches next week. It’s call “The Gloomers” and is a new “social network” (I know I know, you can’t […]

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Zits Animated

No your acne is NOT moving.  Daily Cartoonist is reporting that Zits, the cartoon by Jerry Scott and Cincinnati’s own Jim Borgman has been animated as “audio comics” There is a YouTube page set up that you can see them.  My only problem is with who does the voices.  Jeremy […]

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