The Boycott Culture – Is it hurting American Business?


Boycott Culture is alive and well in America.  I have no problems with a person choosing to boycott any business that they don’t agree with the practices thereof, however I do have a problem when you assume I should be boycotting the business as well or I am a bigot, […]

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Editorial Cartoon: Palestine and the United Nations

Today’s editorial cartoon stems from last week when Palestine went to the United Nations to seek full membership to the United Nations in a bid to seek recognition of the Palestinian state as defined prior to the 1967 borders (which includes East Jerusalem and a security zone Israel has not […]

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Editorial Cartoon: Ahmadinejad Throws Stones at Israel

  So after appearing at the United Nations and joining the wacko conspiracy theorists that the United States planned the attacks of September 11, 2001, Iranian President Ahmadinejad is back for more.   It seems on a planned trip to Lebanon he indicated that he will throw a symbolic stone at […]

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