N is for Numbat

N is for Numbat Animal Alphabets Bearman Cartoons

N is for Numbat.  Now of course hearing the name of this animal for today’s Animal Alphabet, I was hoping for some flying rodent but no, instead we have an Australian Marsupial.  Numbats are solitary animals, active during the day which subsist on termites, eating up to 10% of their […]

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March Madness Vasectomy

Bearman Cartoons March Madness Vasectomy

  So today’s cartoon is another learning fact.  It seems that more men schedule vasectomies during this time of year than any other.  Why?  They want to take time off work for their recovery to take advantage of watching the NCAA Basketball Tournament.  Get a vasectomy?  March Madness indeed. What […]

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Prostate Exam Cartoon

Prostate Exam Cartoon by Bearman Cartoons

  Cuz nothing says good morning like a Prostate Exam.   Don’t forget, September is National Prostate Cancer Awareness Month.  So why am I posting this now?  We’ll just leave it at that. Hope you have a fibrous day.

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Editorial Cartoon: Ron Paul Social Security Hypocrite

The Cartoonist Studio Editorial Cartoon Contest continues and I made it to week THREE!  Thanks to all for voting.  Click the image above or here to go to the voting.  You should do a search of “Bearman” and my cartoon will come up front and center and then vote.  Some people were […]

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