K is for Kakapo


K is for Kakapo.  When I got my assignment for this entry into Animal Alphabets, I was confused.  Those Cocker Spaniel/Poodle mixes are endangered species?  Obviously I never heard of a Kakapo.  This flightless, nocturnal bird is also called a “Owl Parrot“.  Sadly this New Zealand native’s population as of […]

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H is for Hawksbill Turtle

H is for Hawksbill Turtle. Animal Alphabets by Bearman cartoons

H is for Hawksbill Turtle.  This entry into the Animal Alphabets Cartoon series, gets its name from their narrow pointed beak that resembles a hawk.   Native of the tropics, the Hawksbill keeps the coral reef lively by removing and eating the sponges that grow on them.  Their shells are used […]

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G is for Gorilla


G is for Gorilla.  The highly endangered gorillas of Africa are today’s Animal Alphabet entry.  Gorillas live in groups which are led by an older male Silverback, which gets its name from the gray hair that grows on their back as a male ages.  I too can attest to this […]

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