Battery Hog Tshirt

So you know what I did last night.  I drew.  Not because I had to or felt an obligation to but because I wanted to.  One of the things I wanted to do was beef up my tshirt shop and start doing more designs. This Battery Hog was inspired by […]

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Australia is so dry

Today will be the last in my series of cartoons about Australia.  That is unless I think of something else inspiring before Wednesday.  If you look up the driest countries in the world, Australia doesn’t even pop up anywhere in the top.  But when you talk continents, Australia is the […]

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Bearman Cartoon – Wind Farm

With the oil spill heading toward the coastline of Louisiana, the call for expansion of wind farms and the use of them as alternate energy streams already is getting loud.   Careful jumping in with both feet…especially if you are a bird.   UPDATE:  Check out the guest cartoon I did […]

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