Santa’s Home Security

Oh you better watch out!!!  Santa is coming!!  You know he sees you when you’re sleeping and he knows when you’re awake.  Sounds like the creepiest stalker I have ever heard of.  So what better way to commemorate the creepiest stalker in the world than put his cartoon image on […]

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How Egg Nog is Made


This cartoon is for all the Egg Nog haters in the world including my wife who instead of calling it Elf Piss, jokingly always refers to Egg Nog as Phlegm.   I, on the other hand, can’t get enough of the stuff and wonder why consumption seems to be limited […]

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The Spirits of Christmas


Sure in a Christmas Carol, Ebenezer Scrooge is visited by three Spirits/Ghosts.  What if the spirits that were foretold by his deceased partner Jacob Marley turned out to be alcohol?  May you all have a very spirited Christmas (or whatever you celebrate).

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Merry Hanumas – Go Both Ways Greeting Card

It has been a good week. First I have sold a few of the above Merry Hanumas – Go Both Ways designs at my shop.   We have a bunch of Jewish and Christian friends/family so rather than NOT send cards, I design my own.  This was a concept that I […]

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Editorial Cartoon: Christmas Pariah

Every year in the United States, the charity organization Salvation Army has volunteers standing outside of grocery stores and retailers with a red kettle ringing their bell for patrons to donate.  Sometimes I give, sometimes I don’t.  There never is any rhyme or reason to when I do or don’t. […]

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Addanac City Christmas Cartoon

So my friend George over at Addanac City Cartoon has been doing a story arc about Christmas. He promised on Christmas Day to have a “gigantic” 24 panel cartoon and even posted a teaser.  Here was our back and forth on his blog: Bearman:  I have now successfully blown up […]

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WTF: Caganer Pooping Christmas Statue

I have been to Spain. I have been to Spain at Christmas.  Unlike the crappy manger scenes that Americans make that is limited to the manger only, in Spain they make a scene of the entire town with the manger being only a part of it. And while in America, […]

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Editorial Cartoon Caption Contest

Personally I dont know which group irritates me more during the holidays.  The first group are those that force their employees to say Happy Holidays instead of leaving it up to the individual to say Happy Holidays, Merry Chistmas, or even Good Solstice.  The second group are those who call […]

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