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WTF-Look-Social-Media-Bearman-CartoonsEver get that WTF face when checking out Facebook or Google Plus like in today’s cartoon?   I do.  It is annoying as hell on Facebook because those are my “friends” I am commenting on their posts so it isn’t like I can dump them without hurt feelings.   Though usually on FB it is isolated and not consistent among the same friend.

But it seems to be worse on Google Plus as you don’t have to be friends with someone to follow their posts (as they don’t necessarily have to follow you back).  There are plenty of people that I follow on Google Plus who don’t follow me back but I have two rules that I look for to continue following them.

1. Be present.  Broadcasters who post but never respond to comments on their post are not worth my time.  And I don’t think you have to respond to every comment, but a chosen few shows that you actually read the comment.   And speaking of reading the comments….

2. I try to always plus every comment on my posts as a way to say thank you for leaving the comment and acknowledge you took the time to write.  That is unless it is a douche/troll comment and then I ignore it.  That being said there seem to be some people who will post and plus every comment but a few.  To me that says you only want to engage with certain people.  Just recently uncircled someone who has on three occasions ignored my relevant non douchey comment while plussing every other comment consistently.   I get the hint!!

What other moments on the web cause you to have the WTF face??


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  1. susi spice says:

    Haha that’s true.

    What about when people post a photo or a status personal to.them and hashtag the crap out of it… Eg “bought New panties” #winning#underwear#cantbelieveimnotwearingpanties#pink#gstrings#imadork#ineedtogetalife#immahashtagthecrapoutofhashtagging#walmart#whyisntanyonelikingmystatus

  2. susi spice says:

    Hey I left a comment where did it go??? It.was so witty too lol

  3. Red Dwyer says:

    The troll statuses:
    “Ugh. I give up.”
    “This is going to be bad.”
    “Why me?”

    All they are looking for is a million questions.

  4. Binky says:

    I can certainly understand plusing comments people leave on your posts, but the whole thing of liking and plusing and all that does seem a bit neurotic. As if people constantly have to be rewarded for everything these days.

    • Shut up and give me a cookie. haha seriously, I don’t look at it as being neurotic. I look at it as courtesy. If I stand on stage to perform in front of an empty crowd sooner or later I will stop performing. So I think it is a small thing to thank those who support you in whatever way.

  5. George Ford says:

    I find it so hard to get a good foot in on G+. To me, it feels like a certain hierarchy is taking place and I’m just the ugly kid on the outside looking in. You have done wonders on trying to get into the inner circles, but it’s hard for me to navigate around there.

    Plus, Google is the King of our workplace and everything we do is ran thru Google so I can’t do anything personal on there or it will throw off all of the professional stuff I need access to throughout the day. I can’t play on G+ until I get home. I can Facebook and Twitter all day at work primarily because it’s not a part of Google.

    I agree with the plussing and commenting on things. If people appear to be avoiding you or ostracizing your offerings, then by all means cut them outta your G-life. Everything on the net is based on reciprocity. You scratch my junk, I’ll scratch yours, so to speak.

    • Presence is the only thing that has given me any level of success. That and trying to comment on other’s posts that strike me as funny. The then reciprocate. The nice thing is unlike trying to follow things on a website is that you have one place where the conversation is versus having to go back to everyone’s individual place.

      I think you would do wonders to post some older AC’s (and not the link) on G+. Plus there is an app so I can check in during the day when I am waiting for meetings, at lunch, etc.

      I have a back scratcher I’ll give you. Take care of your own nuts.

      • George Ford says:

        My nuts usually take care of themselves. They’re very selfish-functional.

        I’m gonna start posting the straight-up comics on G+. I do that on FB, and it’s been very helpful with making the average person aware of what I do.

  6. David Hurley says:

    Ha, bearman social media has driven everyone neurotic. I spend more time on FB than GPlus, but with posts via any social platform. . . some days they love you and some days they don’t. I’m trying not to get distracted by any of this any more. I figure keep making art and let it go. One thing is for sure, when I am writing or drawing comics, I avoid Social Media.

    • Nef says:

      Where is the “LIKE” button for David Hurley’s comment?

      • Like!! Dave that is honestly what happened to me on my website. I was so gunning for numbers in the beginning that it would tear me apart that others where consistently putting up better stats and I couldn’t figure out how to crack the code. Now I barely look at my stats and am much happier with just putting out the work.

  7. Mike W says:

    That friend request with 50 good friends in common… and it turns out to be some guy masquerading as a 20 YO woman who wants your phone number so she can text you naughty selfies. WTF were all those “friends” thinking?

  8. Dave says:

    I got the WTF face yesterday while reading an article on A man in the comments section called John Elway ‘just another donkey. Hee Haw!’

    I asked him what he meant by this. Why was John Elway a donkey and who are these other donkeys.

    Comments like his drive me up the wall because they are just insulting and pointless. My motto is, ‘if you don’t have the guts to say it to somebody’s face, don’t say it on the interent.’

    Now for the likes. I don’t always click like on on Disqus on 8-bit Nerds but try to respond to the comment. If I click like it usually means one of a few things. I actually smiled a little or a lot when I read your comment, I had no clue what you were talking about so I give you an awkward thumbs up or I thumb up to end a conversation because it has really went about as far as it could go.

    I’m not on facebook and google plus enough. I really just use google plus as to share my post because it seems my posts get indexed by google quicker.

    I do like what you have done with google plus and how you have a community of friends and followers there. I am trying to do that at 8-bit Nerds, which means visiting other people’s sites also.

    Now that I used the best part of brain writing you a comment I think it is time for a nap… and I just woke up from 7 hours of sleep 😉

    • My motto is, ‘if you don’t have the guts to say it to somebody’s face, don’t say it on the interent.’ Mine too.

      Disqus…I haven’t even figured out. Half the time my avatar shows up on people’s sites using it and half the time it doesn’t.

      Just make sure if you share it that you are following up!!

      • Dave says:

        I should follow up more. I know with Facebook I may get a like here and there but 1% of the time a comment. Not really sure about Google Plus. I should test this out for a couple of weeks and see if there are any comments.

  9. Nef says:

    Hope it wasn’t me who you uncircled…

    I stopped following two people

    The first one was one who deleted my comment and then changed the text of their author’s blog to say what I had said in the comment. They did this twice. I commented a third time, but my comment never showed up. He didn’t want my comments, obviously. I have not missed his comic, or his comments.

    The second one tweeted three times in a row about a subject. People started to talk about it, and then he said that he had not meant to start a conversation and to please remove him from the thread, because he was going to sleep. I dropped him too.

    While it is true that those two individuals don’t really need me, I didn’t unfollow them as a punishment, but because in this party, I want to hang out with people who are nice to hang out with, and no matter how cool you are (or think you are) if you are a jerk, I don’t need you. This is not middle school anymore, mate!

    • haha Never. For me it isn’t a petty one time thing but more like you said a consistent behavior that they have little time for what I have to offer. Then I have little time for what you have to offer.

  10. I just assume they are big stupid heads who are both big and stupid.

  11. lisleman says:

    You are right. comments should be recognized. I like that you do that on this blog.

  12. Tom Falco says:

    That bothers me on GoComics. People comment on every comic that day except mine. Bothers me. A lot.

  13. jynksie says:

    I dropped google+ a few months after joining it. What I noticed about it at the time, was that hordes of people were adding me to their circles, but they weren’t interacting, or showing interest in my activity. It was as if I was added to be their personal voyeur. Twitter has been the only social media entity that I have found to be interactive. People who add me and whom I add, were engaged w/ one another.

    I dont subscribe to social media voyeurism, so I find the concept of it being so prevalent in how social media functions, a massive turnoff. I expect people to engage when being engaged by someone, if a person has a presence on social media. I expect, that if a person has a comments section on their website, it means they’ll be engaging their readers. If they aren’t, then why offer a medium where it allows them to dismiss their audience? It screams self importance and I personally find that a turnoff and an indictment of ones self important, yet unfulfilled ego.

  14. Mark Stokes says:

    And then there are the people on FB and Twitter who will repost and retweet the stuff you reposted, but will never repost or RT any of your personal posts! Ain’t that something?

  15. I have a WTF face every single time I’m on Facebook. Just because I spend time on Facebook. WTF???

  16. Comedy Plus says:

    Facebook isn’t my favorite place. I’ve unfriended and block more than one in the short time I’ve been on Facebook. Google plus isn’t something I want to do, so I don’t. I also think some people are just nuts and social media helps them maintain that nuttiness.

    Have a fabulous day. 🙂

  17. Bill Murphy says:

    I try to use Twitter, FB and G+ but they seem to stretch me out too thin. My favorite is making comments in the comic’s comments section such as this. I make a comment, then if a reply is made I get an email notification on my phone, read it and a smile crosses my face. And I didn’t have to scroll through several hours of posts to do it! 😉

    • That is exactly why I like G+ so I can comment there and the person can go to one place to interact. Twitter used to be my place to go but I admit I rarely converse there cuz I find it so hard.

    • Nef says:

      I’m with Bill Murphy here. I use FB, which sucks, because there I find my real life family and friends, I use twitter, but not so much because it is like screaming to the wind, I use G+ because it makes it easy to find like-minded people. But above all, my favorite is the comments section on my comic itself. I just love to get feedback there, because even though some of the intent is self-promotional (most commentators have their own comic) I know they addressed my comic, and it feels like you guys came to visit me.

      Long live the comments!

  18. G.B. Miller says:

    When someone moderates a blog and allows everyone else’s comments except yours. Permanently.

    I don’t have that problem on Facebook simply because most people who have politely told me to stuff it have ultimately disengaged themselves from me.

  19. Gruhn says:

    Oh I’m guilty. But it’s because I work two jobs and stay up till 1 in the morning drawing. I have to sneak onto a laptop to read webcomics and leave comments like this at work……no time for like’s or plusses.

  20. Tony McGurk says:

    I generally only use G+ & FB top promote my posts. I just don’t have time to bother with them for anything else.
    That look was me when I got home from work Friday night & there was no cold beer in the fridge. Or chocolate

  21. Chris K says:

    Yeah, I agree on the thumbs up on facebook. If someone takes the time to comment on your page, I usually try and do that.

  22. Joseph says:

    I don’t have time to check FB or G+ much. Maybe once a week. Twitter is really the only social media I get into. So I’m not familiar with the etiquette for plussing, liking, recommending or any of that jazz.

    I don’t consider myself very social anyway. I like to stay in my own world ;O)

  23. Tim Green says:

    I’m a twitter guy mostly and some facebook.

  24. DadaHyena says:

    Kill the bastards!

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