Romney Picks the Other Paul

Editorial Cartoon: Mitt Romney Picks the Wrong Paul

What they hell are you doing posting an editorial cartoon on a Sunday again and where is that obnoxious banner begging for votes?  Well I made it to week 9 among the top 10 but didn’t make it to the top 5 in the final week.  Thank you all so much for the support, votes, sharing and essentially putting up with me.  I’ll share my thoughts later in the post but first…

Today’s cartoon was inspired by Mitt Romney choosing his running mate as Congressman Paul Ryan (oh and former Miami University alum – anyone know any other famous MU alums??  ahem ahem).   There was some quiet chatter that another presidential candidate, Ron Paul should be considered for the VP spot and a little more outspoken chatter about his son Rand Paul getting the nod.  So for those out there who think Romney got the wrong Paul, this cartoon is for you.


A few comments on the editorial cartoon contest…

What I liked

  • It forced me to create and post an editorial cartoon 2x a week for the past 9 weeks.  Sure I typically post on Sundays and Wednesdays but sometimes I might share a different type of cartoon work.
  • It allowed me to utilize social media and the power of my readers to have a great showing every week.  Until the last week I was consistently in the top 3 in votes and the last week I was number 4.  Again voting didn’t account for the entire process of who got picked for the next round.

What I didnt like…

  • No link love back to the creators.  Sure you could link to my twitter or facebook account from their page but why not open it up.
  • No direct voting links.  You had to go to the voting page and then find my picture to vote for it.  Several people accidentally voted for the first image that popped up and it wasn’t mine.
  • No archive of participants who didn’t make it.  There were several cartoonists who I loved that didn’t make it to further rounds but there is no way for me to find them because all their posts and info has been hidden.  Maybe it will pop back up after the competition.

If you keep voting, I am putting my support behind Al Goodwin.  I think he is the best of the rest.  Consistently on the mark, timely and a fantastic cartoonist.  All in all it was fun…though I doubt I will be participating again as I am looking at what I want the next chapter of my cartooning to be….  I’ll keep you posted.

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91 Responses to “Romney Picks the Other Paul”

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  1. Cat Forsley says:

    You are One TALENTED BEAR ……..:)
    and you didn’t go to SPAMMY SPAM 🙂

  2. A.M. Frasier says:

    Congrats on how far you did get. Will you enter the competition again?

    • Bearman says:

      Depends. Might take my cartooning on a different path.

      • NEF says:

        Different Path, eh? How different?

        Congratulations on your contest and the votes.

        • NEF says:

          Oh, and yes, I’ll bite the political bait.

          I think Romney picked up the wrong running mate because Ryan is a polarizing figure, not likely to appeal to the moderates and undecided that may decide the election. I think that Ryan attracts a constituency that although lukewarm towards Romney, was going to vote for him anyway, to try to get Obama out of the White House.

          I may be wrong, but I doubt it…

          • Bearman says:

            My point too. I think Jon Huntsman would have done wonders to help Romney appeal to Moderates. Romney could speak to the right and Huntsman to the middle.

  3. Red says:

    I for one am thoroughly disgusted. I think two of the ones in the top three are crap, and I have since the very beginning. One in particular. You did a great job. Onward and upward.

    *More than idly wonders if Bearman ever considered putting a book together*

    • Bearman says:

      Thanks for your support. I thought of the top 10 I would have a chance for the top 5 but that’s my opinion. Don’t know what criteria the judges went with but there is another guy gone that I would have put in the top 5 as well.

  4. You did well and it was fun. I will still look forward to seeing new toons from you.


  5. Comedy Plus says:

    You did very well, but I did hope you would win. You are that good. Just saying.

    Have a terrific day. 🙂

  6. Tony McGurk says:

    Congrats on getting as far as you did. Well done!!!
    Love the LOVE Revolution T-shirt.

  7. Nate Fakes says:

    Hey, you got far! I was booted out of their contest last year, so it happens.

  8. Tim Green says:

    You’re still a winner with me, Bearman!

  9. DadaHyena says:

    Think of all the Pauls he could have ended that statement with! Giamatti, Anka, Newman, -a Abdul (okay, that’s stretching things).

  10. George says:

    Man, I was hoping you’d clinch the title. I think you have what it takes for the big leagues. Don’t let it get you down, although I know it will affect you (it would me). Just keep doing the things that make you great.

  11. James says:

    He’s such a tease.

  12. Keith Bearman says:

    If you are choosing a different route, I have a suggestion. How about a ballerina in love with a cellist and with a gay friend?

    No? Perhaps a succubus faerie fighting the forces of evil?

    Waddaya mean they’ve been done?

    BTW, the pun title for today was excellent.

    If you enter again, I can guarantee you a Bearman vote, since neither mom nor wife were able to vote last time around. (Yours, not mine.)

    Were you saddled with BEER-man during college as were all of my sons?

    • Bearman says:

      I am NOT going to do a webcomic. I hate drawing the same people all the time. No probably going to supplement with another idea.

      Yes…even on my blog with people that don’t know me I get Beerman. Plus my friends in college were all cheap and assumed I would buy the rounds. So it fits.

  13. Oh you did such a great job Bearman 🙂
    and i liked your cartoons the most …

  14. Scott says:

    You’ve done an incredible job–and I definitely look forward to more of such cartoons for next year’s contest–as well as many more until then!

  15. Friggin Loon says:

    Well that surely sucks Bearman, I was hoping to get a cut of the prize money….. you know ,for voting millions of times and all. Anywho, I agree, having to search for you was ridiculous. I did get quite a few Facebookers commenting though, so that’s good.

  16. Since I’m not voting for either, I say go for it.

  17. Bo Lumpkin says:

    I’ll bet the winner of that contest don’t have nearly as many groupies and commenters as you do.

  18. The 9th round is nothing to sneeze at – congratulations, B!
    Still, I’m done voting. *grumble grumble* Nothing personal, I just feel like my bear is prematurely out of the race, er, something like that. Anyway, I hope you consider entering again, Bearman… you did a truly fantastic job! I’m sure all the other folks saw that, too… so hopefully you were able to pick up a few readers.
    P.S. I have this odd feeling it’s not out of the question around late October J.B. will ‘decide’ he needs a nap and Hillary moves up to No. 2 on that ticket… is that just me?

    • Bearman says:

      As long as Obama doesn’t send him to swim with the fishes.

      Thanks. I know it was enough to have to listen to me for 9 weeks begging for votes..haha

  19. Thats too bad that the contest wasn’t run really well. it would annoy me not to be able to find the competitions site or info. It would have been a great networking capability. I did notice how difficult the voting was and I almost did the same as other.

    • Bearman says:

      Yeah…esp on mobile it was difficult as you couldn’t click from one image to the next even. So it gave an unfair advantage to whomever’s pic popped up first.

  20. jynksie says:

    What do you MEAN you didnt win?!? …wheres my bat? e-mail me some names! [wink]

  21. Deb says:

    Your cartoon are the best hand down, Bearman! 😉

  22. Mark Stokes says:

    You’ll always be my favorite editorial cartoonist, Bearman!

  23. I like the tear with the frown. He’s really upset….and confused.

  24. Binky says:

    Well that’s unfortunate that you didn’t make it to the final week. You did go quite far, though, so at least that’s something to be proud of.

    I think the point you made are quite valid. I don’t like the way you can’t have a direct link to your own cartoon, and the cartoonist apparently can have a link to their own sites.

  25. bschooled says:

    I agree, Bearman. The linkback should have been included, I’m actually surprised it wasn’t. And I agree that lack of a direct voting link was confusing. I almost voted for the first image more than once.

    Still, you did a great job. As for not making the final five, I totally blame the above.

    • Bearman says:

      Well as I mentioned voting didn’t mean everything. There was a guy who consistently got more votes than I did who didn’t make the top 5 either..and I thought he was pretty good. Thanks for voting though.

  26. It’s like Romney is still running in the primaries. Seems that Romney always tries to bend over backwards to appease the far right even at the risk of alienating moderates. I’ve read that Paul Ryan is the furthest right VP choice that anyone has chosen since 1900. I think Romney’s staff wanted him to choose Tim Pawlenty, but Bill Krystol and others really pushed him to choose Paul Ryan. As for Ron (or Rand) Paul, I think it’s all about building up Rand Paul to be a prospect in 2016 or later.

    • Bearman says:

      Probably…though some may argue he may not have had as much personality, I would have picked Huntsman. How could Obama possibly go after someone he chose to be an ambassador.

  27. lisleman says:

    congrats on hanging in as long as you did. Good to hear, it was a great experience for you. It seemed to run a little too long for me.
    Based on just a tiny bit of reading, I would say that Ron Paul would have turned Mitt down if he had offered.

    • Bearman says:

      It seemed to run a bit long for me too….hahah

      Oh I am sure. But then again Ron knows this is probably his last go around to try to run for President so why not put himself in a position of some authority at the end of his career.

  28. Roland says:

    Well congrats on your achievements Bearman, and as for Mitt’s pick, I think he picked a good running mate, I think it is funny that Paul Ryan’s budget proposal is getting such heat after I read that earlier Obama and some other Dems liked his ideas and how he can reach across the aisle and work with Dems. Oh well, I guess soon they’ll be saying he caused an illness in somebody by just walking by them.

    • Bearman says:

      Roland!!!! Good to see you back in the mix.

      When you can do something for me, I can praise you. When you are trying to usurp me I will do all I can to denigrate you.

  29. starla says:

    Just another stepping stone on your path to success. I thought you did great! Count me in the groupie group with your Mom and Wife and a few other bloggers. :+)

  30. Jande says:

    Well, Blast it. I missed the finale! I could use a little more spaminding from you on twitter so I’d know about updates, but I’m not holding you responsible for my horrible memory.

    You did really well with the contest. And you seem to be taking it all with equanimity. And you had fun and entertained us in your inimitable way. So, thanks!

    • Bearman says:

      Rescued from the spam filter…see that is what too much spamming can do.

      I was really trying to strike a balance between reminding and annoying. My feeling was hey I would have been drawing stuff anyway…this just gave me another outlet.

      Thanks for the continued support.

  31. Paul Ryan!????? Bwahahaha! Oh f&#k! He’s serious! I cannot imagine a worse choice. Back in the primaries I was hoping Romney would lose to Newt the Scoot because I actually thought he (Romney) was somewhat sane, and Newt would screw up (AGAIN) and lose in a very embarrassing way. But I think him choosing Ryan is more insane than McCain choosing “she who must not be named.” I hope it knocks a little fear and sense into some fence sitters. BTW I can’t find the next & prev links on your site & Congrats on making it thru all the rounds you did, you did it without being spammy.

    • Bearman says:

      There are no “next” and Previous links. Had things set up as a blog not a comic site. Planning a big redo of my layout so I will look into that.

      Still think he should have picked Huntsman.

  32. I would not put too much stock in not making it further in this contest. These contest are flawed in many ways and as you pointed out it was not that user friendly and was missing a lot of other basic functions. That said, I’m really glad they had it and hope they have more and improve the functions of the site for future contest. The overall site is a great idea. It just needs a little work. But hats off them them for setting it up. And congrats to you for producing a lot of great work in a short amount of time.

    • Bearman says:

      Thanks Frank. I am sure it isn’t an easy thing to do to code and run a contest like that. I don’t fault them, I just see areas for improvement and hope they take it as that.

      Thanks for the support. B

  33. Lynn says:

    Congratulations Babeman, er.. B’man, I truly feel like you should’ve moved onto the last round. It was fun though and I feel fortunate to know some very talented folks the likes of Loon, S-i-G and many others that cling together in this funky artistic circle. You all are like the avant garde artistic types who hung out at the wild glitter-laden dance floor of Studio 54- in the ’70s. I’m fortunate to be privy to all your creative shenanigans… Peace and Love to all

    • Bearman says:

      We are exactly like Studio 54…except

      – Some of us have better taste in clothes (Loon being the exception I think)..
      – Not all of us are on drugs

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