Editorial Cartoon: Pam Anderson and Topless Jewish Men

There are times when my humor tends toward a side that may lean toward vulgar; so for those of you offended I apologize.  HOWEVER, in my defense, I use my wife as a litmus test of things that are funny or too risque.  She was all about this cartoon idea […]

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Bearman Cartoon: Wonder Woman’s New Costume

 The internet has been abuzz this past week with DC comics decision to revamp the Wonder Woman struggling franchise by giving her a makeover.  Personally I think the top they chose looks too much like Spiderman. But it got me thinking what would a comic book geek really want a […]

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Marge Simpson Playboy Centerfold Pictorial

I am sure I am not the first to think about this cartoon idea when I heard that Marge Simpson is going to be the centerfold on an upcoming issue of Playboy Magazine. I guess the phrase does the carpet match the curtains is true in her case. I hear […]

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