Mammogram Awareness Challenge

Mammogram Awareness Challenge by Bearman Cartoons

Recently someone close to me was diagnosed with breast cancer after a routine mammogram.  This is someone with no family history and who is in good shape.  Her message is to all her friends and family is to make sure you are up-to-date on your mammograms. So I decided to […]

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Ice Bucket Challenge

Ice Bucked Challenge Lice Bearman Cartoons

So my Ice Bucket Challenge cartoon is really the Ice Bucket Challenged Cartoon.  Or better, the Lice Bucket Challenge.  Poor Joe didn’t quite hear correctly when he was given the Ice Bucket Challenge.  He heard lice and now finally realizes it is time for a hearing aid. Figured I would […]

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Red Cross Banner

Given the massive destruction of property and lives that happened in Japan, people always wonder how they can help. Internationally, the Red Cross does an amazing job in my opinion and I quickly donated and wanted to put a banner linking to their donation page on my site. I wasn’t […]

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Beartoons Charity Drive

No this isn’t one of those things where I ask you to support my site with a donation or buy raffle tickets Readers from early on here will remember back in November I reported on some local bloggers (Cincinnati Blog and Cincinnati Beacon) throwing down challenges to other bloggers to […]

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Donating to the Freestore Foodbank

Looks like several Cincinnati based blogs are challenging each other to have their readers donate the most money to the Freestore Foodbank (a local organization that provides food and clothing to those in need). See The Cincinnati Beacon, The Cincinnati Blog, and County Commissioner David Pepper’s Blog. Given that I […]

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