Bearman Breaks Down….Joins Twitter

With all the projects I am working on, I figured I would finally have to join the ranks of Twitter.  I know, probably by now the masses have moved on to the next cool thing but I have resisted long enough.

For those who follow this blog I have only found a few of you to follow via Twitter.

So if you are looking for me on Twitter I am at

I don’t plan on overusing  because:

a.  Have too much other things to do like draw and/or do actual work that I get paid for
b.  Don’t want to be a slave to Twitter like my friend Michael seems to think he has become. 
c.  Don’t care when you are wiping your butt so I am sure you don’t care when I am either.

But I will use to update on when I post something new or do something really newsworthy.  Like rescue a baby from a burning fire.

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  1. Michael says:

    Oh Bearman, Twitter is soooo 2008. Fluffer is really where it’s at…actually I made that up, welcome aboard!

  2. mwahahahahaha! it gets us all eventually.

  3. alantru says:

    Yes, I join the dark Twittery ranks soon too. I shall follow you.

    P.S> From what I can see: Everyone says they won’t use it much but…. BWEHAHAHAHAHA!

  4. George says:

    Good to see you on board, Bearman. And if you ever have to wipe your butt with a burning baby, I wanna read about it on Twitter, okay?

  5. George says:

    And yeaaahhh, you’re not gonna overuse it.

    (and I keep my half-naked, ex-porn star administrative assistant around because she pours a mean cup of coffee) 🙂

  6. Brit and Jelly…I know. I feel ashamed.

    Alan…we’ll then maybe I’ll have 8 people following me on Twitter which brings me to

    George….first, I haven’t started referring to people in blog comments as @George and really as I said, I only have 8 people following me and you guys all read my crap here so that would just be redundant.

  7. I understand sooo little…but then again I still have a manual typewriter. Happy twittering

  8. G says:

    Twitter? To Twitter (at least to me) means that your social life is about the same as a rabid squirrel.

    I’ve alreay had a few people ask me if I Twitter, but since I don’t text and have absolutely no need to talk about myself beyond what I stick in my blog, I don’t worry if I’m a social outcast.

    I don’t do MySpace or Facebook either.

    • I am that sucker G…just went on Facebook too. Got sick of all my friends emailing me to join it. So now I joined and I only go on there every two weeks to accept those who have found me.

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