Cartoonists for Japan

Several different cartoon related projects have sprung up to support the relief efforts in Japan. Comics for Japan is asking cartoonists to create cartoons showing their characters donating to the relief efforts and asking them to publicize ways for their readers to donate.  You can check out their site to […]

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Red Cross Banner

Given the massive destruction of property and lives that happened in Japan, people always wonder how they can help. Internationally, the Red Cross does an amazing job in my opinion and I quickly donated and wanted to put a banner linking to their donation page on my site. I wasn’t […]

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Bearman Cartoon: Obama bows to Emperor

It seems the masses are all in an uproar about President Barack Obama bowing a greeting to Japanese Emperor Akihito.  So I have gathered the top 5 reasons Obama did this so you people can get over it.   The last reason is todays editorial cartoon. He is so tall and […]

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