Everything you think you know about Net Neutrality is Wrong

Everything You Think You know about Net Neutrality is Wrong

Everything  you think you know about Net Neutrality is WRONG.  I am sure there are smarter people out there than me who may clarify some things that I don’t know but it seems for the most part the general public is misinformed about what Net Neutrality is and what the […]

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Grumpy Cat vs Grumpy Cat

Garfield Vs. Grumpy Cat

I’d be surprised if this cartoon hasn’t been done by someone but I purposefully didn’t look so it wouldn’t impact my vision.  For the unaware, the “grumpy cat” on the left is the original grumpy one – Garfield the Cat.   The unsuspecting feline is the internet meme sensation Grumpy Cat. […]

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Oral Sex Banned from School…Dictionaries

Thanks to the Friggin Loon for the heads up on this story.  It seems a California School has decided to yank the dictionaries out of a K-8 school because they found out that the definition of the word “oral sex” was contained within.  Oh my!!!!  Actually I remember as a […]

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Bearman Cartoon: Shrinking Newspapers

Editorial Cartoonists continue to mourn when another newspaper cuts its editorial cartoonist.  However, the rest of the newsroom is not immune to layoffs.  It was announced this week that the Cincinnati Enquirer is cutting over 100 jobs while Gannet is cutting 1400 nationwide (see here).  What makes it even stranger […]

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