What Would AL GORE Do?

Checking out the Daily Cartoonist, it seems Mike Judge is set to premiere a new animated series called “The Goode Family” on Wednesday May 27 on ABC.  Honesty here I never was a big fan of Judge’s Beavis and Butthead or even King of the Hill (but I love Office […]

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Zits Animated

No your acne is NOT moving.  Daily Cartoonist is reporting that Zits, the cartoon by Jerry Scott and Cincinnati’s own Jim Borgman has been animated as “audio comics” There is a YouTube page set up that you can see them.  My only problem is with who does the voices.  Jeremy […]

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Newsweek Magazines Best 2008 Editorial Cartoons also sucks.

In case you missed my post about editorial cartoonists not happy with Time Magazine’s pick for top editorial cartoons of 2008, now it is Newsweek’s turn. The Daily Cartoonist reports that Association of American Editorial Cartoonists president Ted Rall has now penned an even stronger letter to Newsweek Magazine for […]

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