Amazon Employees are Feeling Underpaid and Overtimed


  Amazon employees are feeling underpaid and overtimed so much so that a lawsuit against the company is being heard at the Supreme Court.   What is happening is that Amazon has a security checkpoint for workers leaving their warehouse that ensures no one is stealing items.  However, according to […]

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A Different View of Net Neutrality


I have a different view of Net Neutrality than most based on what I have read.  That being said I am always open to additional info to sway me back to the masses belief that what the FCC has been proposing of late and the deal between Netflix and Comcast […]

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The Balding Handbook

  My very close friend David Stern is suffering loss.  We all have experienced a loss of some form or another.   But for my friend David, it is a loss very close to home.   His HAIR! So traumatized by this loss of his manliness, David has mourned his […]

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