Social Media Pariah

I have said before that as an artist, it can be frustrating to spend several hours on a piece of work that gets ignored or little attention on social media but I can toss up a picture of my cat and it get tons of attention.   So today’s cartoon […]

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Gangnam Style Takes over Justin Bieber

So Korean pop sensation PSY’s video for his song Gangnam Style has just surpassed Justin Bieber’s Baby video as the most watched on YouTube.   Now I am not a Justin Bieber hater like most.  In fact if you look at the stats, he has more unlikes on his YouTube […]

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Editorial Cartoon: Bieber Fever

So it seems a few Belieber’s (Justin Bieber fans) are running amok because their demigod did not win the Best New Artist award at the Grammys (see here for the story and here for 10 of the vilest tweets against Esperanza I could ever read). Now maybe there is a […]

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