Understanding German – Wurstküche

Wurstküche is the final word in the Understanding German series.  Actually my wife pointed this one out to me and in my mind I am positive I am pronouncing it wrong. If you missed any of the other words in the series they were: Shmuck, Rathaus, and of course Ausfahrt. I […]

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Understanding German – Schmuck

Today’s lesson in understanding German is on the word “Schmuck”.   Signage everywhere in Germany/Austria have some version of this word such as here: No this isn’t a passageway for jerks.  Schmuck in German means “jewelry” or “adornment” so some variation of it is used on signage by Jewelers.  This […]

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Understanding German – Rathaus

  We continue our “Understanding German Cartoon Series” with the German word “Rathaus”  (see Ausfahrt in case you missed that one).   In every small town this word is prevalent on signs and a central building.  It simply means “Town Hall” or “City Hall”.  But for those of us in […]

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Understanding German – Ausfahrt

Having never been exposed to much German except for a few bars of Wayne Newton’s Danke Schoen (thanks Ferris Bueller – you are a righteous dude), I was pleasantly surprised at all the words I found funny traveling the last few weeks in Europe.  So today I give you the […]

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Pumpernickel Meaning

Pumpernickel Meaning in German by Bearman Cartoons

Lesson time once again.  If you check out the listing for Pumpernickel in the dictionary the first definition is: a dark coarse sourdough bread made of unbolted rye flour However when you look at the etymology of the word and it’s origins, it is actually based on two german words.  “Pumpern” […]

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